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Youtube To Mp4

When it comes to music, fun, how-to tutorials, entertainment, etc, YouTube videos are said to be a global craze. All you need a stable internet connection to watch unlimited videos on YouTube anytime, anywhere. But, slow or no internet connection is the thing that doesn’t make you able to access your YouTube video. So, if you’re concerned about downloading your favorite YouTube videos to watch them offline, then here we have the best way for you!

Now, you can play YouTube videos on any computer, player, or smartphone to download and convert them to MP4 format. You just need a YouTube video converter to convert YouTube to mp4 safely and quickly.

What is a Youtube to Mp4 Converter?

YouTube to mp4 converter is a smart tool that helps to convert YouTube videos to mp4 videos within no time. Once you convert YouTube to mp4 videos, you can be able to download and save the mp4 YouTube videos in your device storage. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using software on your PC or an online YouTube to mp4 converter free, both works in the same way: just paste the video Link & enjoy mp4 converted video. 

How to Convert Youtube to Mp4 With YouTube to MP4 converter?

If you want to perform conversions from Youtube to mp4, just follow the given steps and let the online YouTube to mp4 converter do it all for you!

  • First of all, you need to copy the YouTube video’s URL that you want to convert/download
  • Very next, you have to paste the URL of the video into the designated field of the app or online Ytb to mp4 converter
  • Once done, it’s time to press the “convert” button & then download if required

However, almost all of the best online video converters & apps provide you with the same conversion process as we discussed above. 

Why do we need to convert YouTube videos to Mp4 videos?

The most patent and major reasons behind converting YouTube videos into mp4 format are mentioned below:

  • Mp4 videos are capable of storing audio and video files as well as still images and subtitles
  • Mp4 video files are easy to edit and customize
  • YouTube videos usually come with FLV format, which is not at all compatible with different portable devices or Mac computers. Mp4 video format is the ideal option for such devices
  • When you need to replay the videos several times or if you face frequent internet connection issues in your area, then YouTube to mp4 converter is the best option to enjoy your videos offline

But is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Yes, it’s illegal to download copyright YouTube videos. However, you can be able to download those videos, which provides you with permission from the source of YouTube, the copyright owner, the original video creator, or even the respective licensors of the content. You should have to abide by YouTube Terms and services conditions and even abstain from any unauthorized video download.

 How Do You Download YouTube Videos Directly?

There’s no need to always use a YouTube video downloader. Now, you can readily download YouTube videos directly from YouTube. 

The steps are mentioned below that you need to follow:

  • Head to The Video: All you need to open YouTube on your browser and ahead to the video that you need to download
  • Add ‘ss’ In The URL: now, you have to edit the video URL path in the text editor that is provided by YouTube. All you need to enter ‘ss’ right after ‘www.’, but make sure before ‘’
  • Once you entered it, you just have to press the “Enter” button on your keyboard
  • Very next, you get redirected to a free download site to download your video
  • Go to the Download Site: Once redirected, you will find plenty of free services to use, which you don’t need to download or install. The moment when you press the ‘Enter’ button, you get redirected to its website instantly. There you will see that the text editor already has the video URL path, so you ought not to copy and paste any link. Also, your video is ready to get downloaded – all you need to make a click on the ‘Download’ button. Also, there you could choose the video format as well as the quality. Once done, simply, hit the ‘Download’ option and get your video within a fraction of seconds

How Do You Download YouTube Videos with a Virtual Desktop?

Apart from YouTube to mp4 converter, you can download YouTube videos by using a Virtual Desktop (VD).

Here’s the step how you can do it:

Step1: Head to The YouTube Video

First of all, you have to visit the YouTube platform and simply type the name of the video that you want to view and download. Once done, then simply make a click on the “Enter” button, the video starts playing

Step 2: Add “VD” To The URL

Now, the process of downloading is similar to when you directly download videos by adding ‘ss’ to the URL path. In this case, you ought to edit the video address and simply add the words ‘VD’ before ‘youtube’ and after ‘www.’

Check this out:

After the editing, you need to make a click on the “Enter button”. Very next, there you get redirected to the Django website for the video that you aim to download.

Step 3: Choose the Video Format and Quality

On the VDYouTube website, you have to make a scroll down to choose the quality and the format of the YouTube video. It does all depend on your needs, you can go ahead.

Step 4: Download the YouTube Video.

Once you make a click on the ‘download’ option, it’s simply a matter of a couple of seconds before it gets installed in your computer system.

Best YouTube to Mp4 Converters:

Read on to find the best youtube to mp4 converters that provide you the quality outcomes and come in both online & offline versions.

1, Airy YouTube Downloader:

Airy is a YouTube Downloader that works best in converting video files into different video formats. The online Youtube to mp4 software interface is minimal and very easy to use, as you just need to choose your input and output and make a click on the download button. Detail and some of the great features of this converter is mentioned below:

Airy is referred to as the best free YouTube downloader as it comes with top-notch downloading capabilities. Once you get the link to the video, then you can be able to choose a variety of video formats to download.


  • Comes with batch downloading for playlists and multiple videos
  • Comes with the best browser integration (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  • HD, 4K, and 8K Ultra HD videos are supported by this best Youtube mp4 converter


  • You will only be able to download 2 files at once in the free version of this youtube converter

2, Clip Converter for Youtube:

The online clip converter helps you to convert youtube videos to MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, or MKV. Also, this tool works with videos from other authorized websites like Vimeo and even Facebook videos.

Additionally, you are readily able to upload a video that you have on your PC for the purpose of converting it to a different video format. 

If you aim to convert a YouTube video, all you need to do is paste the link in, make a click on continue, then choose the video format that you wish to download. Also, there you will be able to trim the video or download it without converting. 

Also, the clip converter comes with a browser add-on that you can readily install on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, which makes it super easy to convert any videos online without needing to go directly to the Clip Converter site. 


  • The tool packed with a browser addon
  • It is capable to converts all kinds of online videos, not just YouTube 
  • The converter for YouTube allows you to upload conversion


  • The converter website is prone to ads
  • Provides you with the limited conversion formats

3, Wondershare UniConverter:

Wondershare is the authorized source that makes a large variety of quality programs, and its video converter is no exception. The converter allows you to convert any youtube videos to thousands of different video formats to be used on whatever device you want. 

Conversions by this tool are fast, it all based on the size of the files and even on how many you’re trying to convert at once. It also allows you to perform batch conversions. The video conversions come in both a Mac version and a Windows version. The downside is that the tool is not free, but they provide you with a free trial version for user experience. However, the trial version of this video converter has limited features, and even the converted file may come with a watermark. 


  • You can be able to convert youtube videos to over 1000 formats with the assistance of this youtube to mp4 converter
  • Its editor not only amazing but also super easy to use
  • You can be able to use this converter with or without an internet connection
  • The free trial version is available


  • The free version of uniconverter packed with limited features
  • The cost of this video converter is a little high

4, Free YouTube Download:

The DVDVideoSoft provides you the free youtube download app that comes with ease of use and simplicity, as well as offers you the best video downloading options.

First of all, it is free that is always the thing for which users are seeking. Second, you can be able to download this smart tool on Windows, Mac, or even Android.

Yes, converting a youtube video to mp4 becomes easy with this free video converter. Once you downloaded and opened this application, you just need to copy the Youtube link, paste it in, and make a click on download. Are you looking for a way to download multiple videos at once? All you need to keep pasting in the links for each video, and when it’s ready, make a tap on the download button and they will all download at once!

The converter comes with a premium version that provides you with more features. The premium account for this tool costs $19 for 1 year or $29 for unlimited use. By going premium, you can download faster, different other conversion options, and even the ability to download a playlist or channel. 


  • It comes with a superb interface
  • The youtube downloader will allow you to downloads multiple videos


  • N/A

5, 2Conv:

2Conv is a simple, but highly accurate free online conversion tool that helps in converting Youtube videos. All you need to do is copy the video URL link directly into the given field, then choose the video format (mp4, mp3, AVI), and make a click on the “convert” button.

Also, there you find the option of downloading a free Window app that is provided by Flvto. This application is versatile that enables you to convert just about any format, not only the ones online. 

But, if you only need to do a simple YouTube to Mp4 conversion, then this online converter is just one click away from doing so. The conversion is so fast, but won’t compromise the quality of the video file. 


  • The downloading is so fast and very easy
  • The 2conv runs smoothly on any OS (Operating System)
  • The converter is highly compatible with any type of browser


  • Limited conversion options

6, Yonverter: T

Yes, this is one of the best free online YouTube video converters that we have come across. It only works on desktop or mobile devices, and you can readily convert and download videos into one of three available formats. 

Also, Yonverter supports different languages and efficiently works on most browsers. And, if you are still seeking a way to convert your videos, they provided you with a full tutorial on how to find the videos that you want and even how to convert them using their tool. 

Since this online video converter works well on just about any browser, it can be readily used on Windows, Mac, Linux, or whatever OS (Operating System) you happen to be running. 

It provides ease of use, just paste the YouTube video URL path into the designated field at the very top of the page, choose which version you want, then make click “convert & download.”


  • Highly simple and easy to use a converter
  • No ads
  • You can be able to use it on your phone as well


  • Only provide you with the 3 formats available

7, aTube Catcher:

An aTube Catcher is a tool that is packed with an easy user interface through which you people easily download and convert YouTube videos. The converter doesn’t involve any ads, and also it is completely free to use. 

You can be able to download and install the program to any Windows PC within a fraction of seconds. Now, it becomes easy to convert YouTube videos to any format including FLV, MPG, AVI, MP3 and MP4, and even PSP.

All you need to choose your desired format then paste the YouTube video path URL into the window and the download will begin. 

The interface of this converter is old and doesn’t provide you with the best appearance, but it is still easy to use. 


  • The tool is completely free for any Windows computer
  • The aTube Catcher enables you to converts YouTube video into different formats
  • Allows you to downloads and installs in minutes


  • This video converter is only available for Windows computers
  • Only allows you to converts from YouTube
  • Older, and really unappealing interface

8, Any Video Converter Free:

Any Video Converter is the best way to convert Vimeo and Facebook videos as well as Youtube videos, or even any videos that are stored on your computer. The thing is that you have to download this program to your computer, rather than an online converter. 

This free video converter available for Windows or Mac, and it can be downloaded and installed in minutes. Quit worrying as there are no ads, spyware, or malware, and now you can use any input or output format, including formats for several tablets and smartphones.

Also, you can be able to rip files from CDs and convert them instantly to mp4 format or any other type of file. And, you can enjoy these all features for free. 

You can also get an “ultimate” version that is currently priced at $49.95. Some of its neat features include legally removing DRM protection, downloading YouTube videos in batch, even ripping video from DVDs, and lots more. 


  • Ample of converting option available for free
  • Enjoy this free video converter on both PC or Mac
  • No ads or spyware
  • User-friendly interface that is quite easy to use


  • Still couldn’t find anything bad about this  program

9, YTD Video Downloader:

If you are looking for a versatile converter for video conversions, then YTD Video Downloader is one of the best tools. Now, you can convert videos from Dailymotion, or Facebook, YouTube to mp4 with ease and fraction of seconds. 

Enjoy this smart tool for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, it literally allows you to convert any of your videos anywhere you want, and even to your desired format. 

YTD is completely free to download and use, but there you find a pro version, which provides you with various subscription prices. If you’re seeking for best conversion game and even interested, then you have to take a look at their pricing structure. 

Remember that the free plan of this tool provides you with enough offers, but when it comes to converting professionally, and then you may need a pro plan. And the only ad you will get is for the pro plan. 


  • Highly easy to download and use
  • Comes with a basic interface that is quite simple
  • YTD allows you to perform conversions from multiple sources to any format
  • Get it on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android


  • YTD doesn’t support batch downloads
  • YTD downloads then slow down the process at times


If you just looking for a simple converter for conversions, then is the best choice for you. It is a free video converter that can assist you to convert any YouTube video to either mp4 or mp3. 

It doesn’t matter at all whether you have a lot of space on your computer or not, this is the only converter that doesn’t require installing any software, it directly converts your videos. Simply, you need to copy and paste the video path and it will convert your video into either MP3 or MP4, whichever your preference. 

The tool comes with a few extra settings before downloading your video file. For instance, when it comes to converting youtube to mp4, you can be able to choose the resolution or file size, and even mp3 conversions enable you to change the ID3 tags. 

The will work efficiently on any browser, even it can work under any Operating System (OS). And, even you can be able to view the website in a variety of languages that makes it quite easy to use no matter where you live.


  • Packed with simple functions
  • Easy and understandable interface
  • Allow you to change resolution or file size instantly


  • Limited conversion options

11, YouTubeMP4:

YOUTUBEMP4 is another smart and best video conversion tool. If you looking for the best way to convert a youtube video to mp4, then this converter is right for you! The site comes with a clean interface without any ads.

First of all, you need to copy the URL of the video and paste it into the designated field and make a click on the convert button. You can have multiple video formats to choose from, it can be either in MP4, WEBM, or M4A. There is no need to stick with some advanced features or settings.

And, the most upside of this converter is that it is free to use. Also, they provide you with a list of frequently asked questions that reveals the basic functionality of this youtube to mp4 converter. 


  • Simple tool
  • Provides you the best results by quickly converting youtube videos to mp4
  • No ads cluttering up this authorized site


  • limited conversion options


Now, it becomes easy and best to convert YouTube to MP4 or MP3 by using an Also, it becomes handy to convert videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Additionally, you can be able to convert more than just mp3 or mp4. There you can find multiple audio and video file formats. The interface of this converter is clear and easy to manage and even has absolutely zero ads. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides you with clear instructions on the website
  • No ads
  • Allows you to perform conversions from any source to any file format


  • We still couldn’t find anything wrong with this online tool

13, DVDFab Video Converter:

If you’re looking for the best way to convert and rip a lot of videos professionally, then DVDFab Video Converter is the best program to do so. Now, you can be able to purchase it online for $45 or download the 30-day trial. Unlike other “free trials”, you can get the opportunity to access the full version of the program for those 30 days; it simply enables you to get all of the features from this converter. 

This smart software comes with support for the best video graphics and even a computer processor, which makes this tool more tremendous. You can perform conversions of your choice, obviously, youtube to mp4. 

Also, by using this converter you can add watermarks or subtitles to your video, or trim and crop. Simply, you can perform the conversion from any video source and get a wide range of output file formats for any device, even classic iPods and Blackberry phones.

The upside is that there is no limit to what you can do with your videos by using this software; this tool helps you to deal with every conversion process. We highly recommended you get the 30-day trial to get the best experience. 


  • Provides you with a free 30-day trial of the full version
  • Convert any video to any format
  • Splendid user interface
  • Provides you with speedy conversions and support of quality computer hardware


  • Not free after the first 30 days

14, Freemake Video Converter:

Since the last few years, Freemake Video Converter has been recognized as the number 1 video convert. This conversion is used by almost 100 Million users around the globe.

They provide you with the best customer support, the site is packed full of how-to videos and tutorials that help you in converting videos for how-to videos and tutorials

This free software installs to your Windows computer within a fraction of seconds, it allows you to perform conversions as soon as possible. Now, it becomes a handy task to do conversions from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more. 

Also, this tool allows you to rip any unprotected DVDs and save them as a folder or ISO. There you get the opportunity to transform files from Blu-ray discs or burn any of your files to a blank DVD.’

  • Simply, it allows you to cut, join, rotate, and edit your videos add subtitles, and encode clips for embedding online
  • Not only downloading from youtube, but you can also upload  your completed projects to youtube


  • Versatile video converter
  • Premium features for free
  • Downloads easily
  • It allows the best way for editing, ripping, and burning files


  • Only available for Windows

15, Office Converter Online: T2

The tool is 100% free for everyone that allows you to convert documents, audio, images, eBooks, and more. Also, it provides you with an online translator through which you can easily translate different languages as you convert.

There you can find some ads on the site, but you can be able to remove them by simply registering for a subscription to the website. If the files you need to convert will only take a single day, then purchase use for just one day for $5.

But, if you are aiming for regular premium access to this tool, you can find three monthly plans to choose from Silver ($6/month), Gold ($15/month), and Platin ($45/month). The only differences are the total file size that you’re allowed to transform (just depending on the type of file), and even how many concurrent conversions you are allowed. However, every single plan provides you the highest conversion speeds and zero ads.


  • A simple interface and easily convert videos, documents, audio files, and more
  • The platform is easy to navigate and use, minimal ads
  • Free access is taking place and lets you convert up to 50 MB


  • Its free version limits the size of the file that to be converted
  • Need to buy a subscription to get rid of ads

16, Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3:

The free video downloader helps to saves videos, music, playlists from YouTube, and 1000 more sites. You can be able to save MP4, WEBM video, and MP3, M4A audio files within seconds. Now, you can readily able to downloads YouTube content, including heavy 4K, Full HD, HD video files, quickly by using this converter.

The whole Youtube video conversion process comes with three easy steps:

  • First of all, you need to paste a Youtube video link in this Free Video Downloader for YouTube
  • Very next, you need to choose the output format
  • Finally, you have to make a click on the download button for the best outcomes

In simple and short-hand terms, this is one of the best converters for those who require no other extra feature except downloading video and audio files.


  • The Youtube converter is completely free (no ads or bundled software)
  • Extremely fast downloads
  • Includes simple steps to download mp4 videos and converting them into mp3 files
  • Allows you to downloads Youtube playlists and channels
  • There might be a possibility to download videos from more than 1000 sites


  • The converter is compatible with Windows only

17, MP3FY Best Youtube to Mp3 and Mp4 Converter :

The MP3FY is specifically best and dedicated for the highest speed audio/video conversions. MP3FY is the best way to convert Youtube to mp4 and even mp3 quickly and easily. Also, it allows you to convert videos from different other streaming platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram. So, special thanks to MP3FY that supports more than 1000 streaming platforms. However, there are no limitations regarding the size or even the length of the video that is going to be converted. 

MP3FY packed with an in-built search option: means you can be able to search and choose the videos by using the internet. Or even also you just need to paste the video link in the conversion bar that then simply converts it into the selected format: it can either be in mp3 or mp4. 


  • The platform of MP3FY supports 1000+ Streaming Sites
  • There’s no time limit (convert long videos/audiobooks)
  • In-built Search Button
  • HD Video Quality
  • Fastest Speed
  • Highly accessible in Multiple Languages
  • compatible with All Devices


  • Recurring Ads

18, Y2mate Converter:

Want to download and convert videos simultaneously? If yes, then Y2mate is the best way to go! Y2mate is the best converter through which you people easily download and convert videos in any format for free. 

All you need to explore Y2mate, add the video URL path in the conversion box, hit the start button, choose the video format, and make a simple click on the download button. Also, for convenience, you can be able to add the Y2mate extension in your Google chrome. 


  • Y2 comes in a user-friendly interface and no Registration Required
  • Get best and free & Unlimited Downloading/Conversion
  • Supports All Formats
  • In-built Search Functionality
  • Easily Accessible


  • Ads

19, Online Video Converter:

Online Video Converter is a great option to turn online videos and even already saved video files into any selected format for free. The upside of this free online video converter is that it works on both desktop and mobile devices. 

No need to install or even downloaded the applications as you can be able to access this tool by just visiting the official site.

If you aim to convert online videos to mp4, mp3, or format of your choice, then simply click on the Convert a Video link button. You ought to copy the link from the streaming site including (Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc); and simply paste it into the designated box, then you need to choose the format and Press Start.

Once done, your video will be quickly converted and saved in your system, respectively.


  • Free
  • HD Video Quality
  • No Ads
  • No Malware
  • Easy to Use
  • Accessible From Mobile


  • It only allows converting Videos to Either MP3 or MP4 Format

20, YTMP3:

Do you want to get free access to the best youtube downloader and video converter? If yes, then YTMP3 is the tool that comes with multifeatured. It is the best free video downloader and converter that lets you to convert youtube to mp4 free of cost. Also, it becomes easy to download mp4 videos from multiple streaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo, etc.

Simply, paste the video URL and just press download to convert the video instantly. So, for convenience, you can be able to add the YTMP3 extension to your browser. 


  • No Limits
  • Free Access
  • Malware Free
  • Get the multiple Video Quality Options
  • All-Media Supported
  • Quick & Easy
  • No Ads
  • Compatible With All Devices
  • Downloadable Desktop Version


  • No In-built Search Functionality

21, Youtube2Video:

Youtube2Video is the best way to convert videos from one format to another such as MP4, 3GP, and MKV for free. You just need to insert the URL of the video in the conversion bar to convert the youtube to mp4 quickly. 


  • In-built Search Option
  • All-device Compatibility
  • Multiple Format Supported
  • Free & Easy Access
  • No Ads
  • No Malware


  • The tool may take a couple of minutes to convert videos

22, iTubeGo Youtube Downloader:

iTubeGo Youtube Downloader is the ever best video/audio downloading and even conversion app. You can be able to download and convert unlimited video/audio files from Youtube in any format of your choice. 

The upside of the iTube video converter is that is packed with 40 different format options where you can be able to mute the original sound of the video during the conversion. So, by doing this, you can easily dub the video. Also, now you not only can convert the videos but even make them playable on different devices such as the iPhone. 


  • Downloadable Free Version
  • Download & Convert Videos/Audios
  • Download Playlists
  • Save Subtitles
  • 10 Times Faster
  • Download & Convert Videos in Bulks


  • Paid

23, KeepVid Youtube to Mp4 Converter:

KeepVid Youtube to Mp4 Converter is another free online utility through which you can easily convert youtube videos to mp4 format within seconds. Also, you can be able to download the desktop version of this converter as a free trial. 

If you ahead to its pro version, then you can be able to download and even convert videos through any online streaming including Facebook, VEVO, BBC, and Instagram, etc.


  • In-built Search Engine
  • Free Access
  • Easy
  • Fast Speed
  • Safe
  • No Ads


  • Doesn’t Convert For Other Devices

24, is the platform that provides you with a free youtube to mp4 converter. People across all over the globe have the opportunity to access this online converter to convert youtube videos to mp4 format for free.

Make a visit to; paste the video URL path, make a click on the convert button, and let the tool download the converter video. 


  • Simple, Free & Easy
  • 3-Step Conversion Procedure
  • Limitless
  • No Registration
  • No Ads
  • Ad Free


  • Only Converts to Mp4

25, ClipConverter:

ClipConverter is one of the best & superb converters that lets you turn video files from one format to another like mp4, mp3, MKV, and 3GP, etc. The trick becomes easy and even simpler as you just need to insert the video link and lets the converter do the remaining. 

The clipconverter not only helps to download youtube videos but also converts the already downloaded videos to different formats for free. All you need to get the video URL path and insert it or simply upload the video file to convert. 


  • Free Downloading & Conversion
  • Supports All Formats & Sites
  • Compatible With All Devices


  • Recurring Pop-up Ads


The great thing is that all of the video converters that we listed above are the best approach to convert youtube to mp4 or other formats, which entirely depends on your needs.

Hassan Amjad