Let’s Discover How XMovies8 is Going to be Your Best Option to Watch and Download Your Favorite Movies

A Brief Introduction to the Best Online Streaming Platform XMovies8

If you are a quality movie lover, you must be aware of XMovies8 that’s the hub of all the latest, and the oldest movies. Since the dawn of the new millennium, the Internet has greatly impacted the way of getting entertained. There is a long list of the sites offering quality online entertainment for free, and XMovies8 is standing on top of the list. This is such a website that provides the users with streaming content to their computers, laptops, and smartphones, etc. and has made it possible and more comfortable to find just the right movie or video.

It’s undoubtedly a true fact you can’t deny that the behavior of online movie lovers has changed and the popularity of watching movies online has become a trend growing day by day. The trend or custom to go to the movie stores and get your favorite movie is fading nowadays because you can watch and download any latest movie or TV show anywhere, and anytime. 

The History of Banning, and Relaunching of the Site

Though we see that since its launch for over six years, the site has been banned for more than nine times, yet they have got a solution for this issue. Now they run their activities on multiple clone domains. As they are banned with one name, they switch to another one, and resume leaking the movies, etc. on their site. Here is a small list of some of the old, and new clone names of Xmovies8.

They are running all of their unlawful activities by adopting new clone names. As they get banned at one domain, they switch to the other one and resume uploading mega shows, the latest movies, and web series on their platform. You may find that even at the current time, they are busy with all of their illegal activities from different domains. Here is a small list covering some of the banned, and active domain names of Xmovies8.

XMovies8 New Hyperlink 2020

  • xmovies8.10s.live
  • xmovies8.monster
  • xmovies8-hd.net
  • xmovies8.space

Some of the links, which have been shut down by the government of India, and Cyber Crime Authorities. They are not working anymore.

  • ww.1.Xmovies8.go
  • www.Xmovies8.net
  • www.Xmovies8.video
  • www.Xmovies8.com
  • www.Xmovies8.live
  • www.Xmovies8.rocks
  • www.Xmovies8.online
  • www.Xmovies8.video
  • www.Xmovies8.asia
  • www.Xmovies8.in

 Some Other Streaming Sites like Xmovies8

You may find a large number of online streaming movie sites on the Internet to watch movies, mega TV shows, and web series etc. If you find it difficult to access the Xmovies8, you may switch to any of the following sites. Find out the list of some of the best alternatives that can match to Xmovies8.

Watch Your Favorite Movies By Using A Free Smartphone App

The entertainment offered on the XMovies8 is not only limited to the PC or laptops, yet you can watch your favorite movies on your smartphone for free. The app works seamlessly on your Android device, iPhone, and iPad. You can get all the quality services absolutely free of charges and entertain yourself with the best video content. You will be amazed to know that you can watch, and download all of the latest movies and your favorite TV shows without paying even a penny.

The Free Contents Available On This Free Web-Based Movie Store

XMovies8 is a site with huge data, and the large selection of TV shows and movies make the site prominent among other sites. By covering a wide range of genres – that must be said, almost all genres the site claims to offer everything for free. On the site, you will not only find new releases but also some big hits from the last three decades or so.

You may find some of the modern classics in their collection including American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Thelma & Louise, Heathers, and Platoon. The does offer a great television collection of incredibly impressive and mostly consisting of old syndicated shows like Silk Stalkings, The Incredible Hulk, Third Rock From the Sun, and Quantum Leap, etc.

 Don’t forget, They are Presenting Pirated & Illegal Content

You might be astonished to know that the XMovies8 site has been banned many times in several countries, and for playing illegal and pirated content. But they have got a solution to this serious issue. You might have seen hundreds of sites with similar names, and amazingly this unique platform has also been a part of the network of dozens of clone websites.

Whenever they are banned in a country, they change their domain name and start their activities again. Currently, their domain is Xmovies8.movies, but that is also likely to be changed as well. The site provides its visitors with a large catalog of movie titles, including the latest movie releases, TV shows, and web series.

 Being the # 1 Choice Among The Netizens

Apart from playing enormous illegal, and pirated content, the movie site has become one of the most popular streaming sites among movie lovers around the globe. It’s now extremely easy to watch movies from your browser on your desktop PC, tablet, smartphone, and laptops.

Do You Think XMovies8 is Running On Legal Grounds?

Though the site has collected millions of online visitors, yet the site is continuously changing masks and relaunching its domains from time to time. As there in most of the western world, presenting content that is not acquired through a proper & licensed way, is simply considered illegal. That’s why so-called piracy king, XMovies8 including various other similar streaming sites, are often operated in other countries of the world.

Most of such sites are often operated from countries that do not have strict copyright or anti-piracy laws. This piracy promoting site is also adapting the way that helps it circumvent the law in certain countries. Instead of hosting the pirated content on their website, they link the pirated content to some other sites.

That’s why, you might have noticed that whenever you click on a specific movie title, it redirects you to the content that is streamed from another online source or some other secured cyberlocker. There is not any dispute about the fact that the site is illegal in various countries including the United States. Mostly the site doesn’t purchase licenses for the content they offer on their websites, regardless of the fact that they are hosting the video content themselves.

Is It Possible To Recognize The Original XMovies8 Website?

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has recently worked on a joint venture with the authorities of several countries to ban the site. Though they have shut the website down, yet, many other websites are there like XMovies8 being operated on different domains and still remain active. Therefore, it has been challenging to know what the original and official XMovies8 site is.

What Sort of Movies Can You Watch on the Xmovies8?

XMovies8 is a huge platform that offers free movies to its users. You can find any of your favorite movies from the list below;

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed English Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Kannada Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Pakistani Movies,
  • Mega-Show
  • Web Series

 Enjoy The Best Multiplex Experience with All of Your Family

By living in the digital age, you’ve got a huge variety of entertaining content on your fingertips. Therefore you access anything you like to watch or download for your offline use. It is certain that your search for quality movies is ending with Xmovies8. The site is not going to disappoint you as far as your concern for the greatest videos.

While watching your favorite movies and TV shows, you will feel as if you are there is a multiplex. So, for the best cinema house experience, visit the site, and save your money and time. You can not only watch any of your favorite movies on the site but also you can also download it as well.

A Widespread, & Appreciated Entertaining Platform Amongst the Movie Lovers

The site has been offering movie lovers a huge variety of choices when it comes to online free movie streaming; even if it is from the latest release or some trending topic. In this digital entertaining era, you may find that everyone shows a keen interest in watching or downloading the hottest, and the most popular TV shows, and movies. The site has got the trust of millions of online users.

The site has made itself as the very first choice of the users in getting free and quality entertainment. Though there are a number of other websites, which allow the users to watch the latest movies and newest episodes of television shows for free. On the Internet, you may find several options to choose the right movie platform for you, but when you are at Xmovies8, you are going to get the best movies available.

Visual Contents with the Best Quality Videos, & High Resolution

Mostly, on pirated sites, you don’t find quality video results, yet you may find any of your favorite movies in full HD quality at the XMovies8 Online streaming portal. The site provides its users with the best quality movies without charging them any money. For your convenience, there are most of the movies with 720p, 1080p resolutions to watch, and download. So proceed, and indulge yourself with the best quality videos, and don’t compromise to strain your eyes by watching any poor quality content.

The Earning Secrets of XMovies8

It might be surprising for you that the sites, which are presenting pirated content, are earning great money. In this modern age, the pirates of the digital world are monetizing pirated content and making money. There is a large number of such unlicensed sites, which are engaged in a race to show the latest releases within a short time of the released movie. They watch and record the movie in the theater and upload it instantly.

It generates the strength of their users and ensures to make them big money. They use the latest techniques and software programs to present the pirated content on Xmovies8. They collect video and audio data from multiple sources and get a comparatively better result. There are always illegal ads on such illegal sites. Mostly, the websites, which access them to publicize their sites, services, or products belong to the casino, and dating services.

The Easiest Way to Search Your Desired Movie

There is every movie listed with additional information on the site. The feature tells the name, released date, genre, story, cast, rating, and duration, etc. with every movie you want to watch, or download. Whenever you want to search your desired content, you will get results based on your search. Type only the name or hint of the movie, and get instant results.

The pleasures you get from the large screen of the theatre is undoubtedly the best option to watch the latest movies. But when it comes to spending in multiplexes, most people can’t afford to go out every time they want to watch the newly released movie. This is one of the major reasons that make people switch to pirated websites. XMovies8 offers all the latest movies for free and doesn’t charge the users any monthly, or annual fee. That’s why the pirated sites have now become a free, and perfect go-to for lower-class movie lovers.

How to Watch Movies Safely On XMovies8?

In some specific countries, the cyber authorities always keep on tracking the pirated movie geeks and take necessary actions against such users. It’s because, according to cyber laws, watching pirated content is never allowed. You can’t watch, reproduce, or share the pirated content in your community. Therefore it’s not recommended to watch any pirated movie on such sites. But in most of the countries, watching pirated content is not considered as a sin or crime.

India is also one of the countries where you can watch pirated movies without any fear or danger. There is certainly no issue watching movies on XMovies8. Still, if you avoid any malware or virus attack on your PC or Laptop, you are recommended to use a quality VPN and make sure your device is protected with a firewall and a quality anti-virus program.


The key purpose to publish this article for our users is not to encourage them to move to the XMovies8 movie streaming site, yet to only inform them. If you are a movie lover, you are suggested to avoid such illegal and pirated sites, and avail the services offered by them. As offering an open-source entertaining platform, you are not sure for the site to be safe to visit and stay for longer.

If you can’t help browsing the site to watch and download your desired movies, you are recommended to choose some legal platform like HBO, Amazon, Netflix, Sony Movie, Hotstar, and many more. As being a professional team at UpdatedNewsReport we don’t want you to adopt any illegal way to satisfy your entertaining craves.