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Wrath of Man Jason Statham

Wrath of Man is a 2021 action thriller directed by Guy Ritchie and based partially on the 2004 French film Cash Truck by Nicolas Boukhrief, a writer he co-wrote with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies. Ritchie is the fourth leading actor, Jason Statham, and first since Revolver (2005). In Los Angeles, Statham begins as an H, a fresh cash truck driver who thundered a heist only to start questioning his intriguing past.


On April 22, and in the United States, on May 7, Wrath of Man was released from various countries. They garnered favourable critical reviews and totalled 126.7 million dollars worldwide, making it the ninth-largest grossing since 2021.


The film opens with a carry-armoured vehicle being robbed as construction workers by heavily armed persons. The robbery kills two guards and a civilian. Portico Security, an armoured vehicle firm, starts work for Patrick Hill. After being praised for his references by Superior Terry, he was presented to Bullet, who called him “H” and supervised his training. H gets off to a rocky start with his mysterious nature with his colleagues, especially Boy Sweat Dave. A pick-up is assigned to H, Dave and Bullet, and Dave recount a robbery where guards were killed.

Five months ago, H was out with his son

Five months ago, H was out with his son Dougie when he grudgingly agreed with a call to aid him with a robbery vehicle. H pauses from the armoured truck’s depot on the other side of the bridge and calls on Dougie to wait in the car for a food truck by way of the store.

Jackson will attempt and kill them

They dodge the police and go to the garage to access underground tunnels. Jackson will attempt and kill them, but Jan stops him and slices his throat off the handgun. Jan and Bullet take out a weapon to kill Jan when it reaches the end of the tunnel, but January 1 kills him. Jan makes all the money before the cops can deduce what transpired effectively.

At Jan’s flat, in a cash bag, he finds a telephone ringing to track the place’s location. H compares Jan to the autopsy of Dougie before he was shot in the same area as Dougie was shot, murdering him. H converts the money into contact with his FBI and drives his associates away.


  • Jason Statham


  • Holt McCallany


  • Rocci Williams

Hollow Bob

  • Josh Hartnett

Boy Sweat Dave

  • Jeffrey Donovan



In October 2019, it was announced that Guy Ritchie wrote and directed the 2004 Cash Truck English restoration of the film, which Jason Statham launched. Later that month, Holt McCallany joined.  The scoring was composed by Christopher Benstead, who worked formerly with the director on The Gentlemen. On May 7 of 2021, on the release of the film, Sony Classical published the soundtrack.


The film was released internationally on April 22 2021, including Russia, New Zealand, Australia and Germany. In addition, it was released internationally in several countries. Originally scheduled to be published on January 15 in the U.S., the video was removed due to COVID-19. Later it was reprogrammed from April 23 until May 7.

Box office

Wrath of Man has grown in the United States and Canada by $26 million from June 13, 2021, and other regions by $100.8 million, totalling $126.7 million worldwide. In the United States, the first day of distribution of the picture, which included $500,000 from the night before Thursdays, saw $3 million from 2,875 theatres. The box office started at 8.1 million dollars.

Critical response

66% of the 215 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 6.3/10, is good.

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