The Storyline of Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ( aka WW84) is a 2020 hit America Superhero film, based on the DC Comic character known as ‘Wonder Woman’. It is the ninth installment in the DCEU and the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman. When the film was released back in 2017, it was surely a breath of fresh air for all the fans of the fiction movie world. 

WW84 was directed by Patty Jenkin from a script she wrote with Dave Calleham and writer Geoff Johns. Discussion about a sequel began very shortly after the first part was released in 2017 and the 2020’s Wonder Woman Movie was confirmed the following month. The Production of the film wrapped in 2028, on December 22nd, after a 6-month long shoot with some additional shots in July 2019. You can also watch Wonder Woman full movie in hindi dubbed download.

PRODUCED BY Charles Roven Deborah Synder Zack Synder Stephen Jones Gal Gadot 
MUSIC BYHans Zimmer 
EDITED BY Richard Pearson 
DISTRIBUTED BY Warner.Bros.Pictures 
RELEASE DATE December 16th, 2020 (UK) December 25th, 2020 (US)
BOX OFFICE $166.5 Million 

Wonder woman cast: 

  • Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince 
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor 
  • Kristen Wiig as Cheetah/ Barbara Minerva 
  • Robin Wright as Antiope 
  • Pedro Pascal as Maxwell ‘Max Lord’ Lorenzano 
  • Connie Nielson as Hippolyta 

The Storyline of Wonder Woman 1984: 

Set in the cold war of 1984, Diana Prince lives quietly among the mortals in the sleek, vibrant 1980s- an era which was considered a pursuit of having it all. Though she (Wonder Woman) comes into her full powers, she tries to maintain a low-key profile by curating ancient artifacts, and by only performing the heroic acts incognito. 

Wonder Woman bloodlines, However, soon Diana must master all her powers, wisdom, and strength to square off against the Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, a villainess who possesses evil superhuman strength and dexterity. 

Release of the Film:

Wonder Women 1984 was scheduled for a wide theatrical release in North America, originally on June 5th, 2020. However, it was ultimately delayed multiple times and was eventually canceled at the end due to the deadly global Covid-19 pandemic. 

Wonder Woman 84 film premiered on the 5th of December, 2020 via the DC FanDome virtual platform in the United States, by Warner Bros. Pictures 10 days later. It was made available for streaming for everyone on HBO Max for one month before it moved to premium video on demand. You can also watch Wonder Woman full movie on Netflix.

Wonder Woman Trailer.

Critical Response: 

The film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ received mixed reviews from the audience; some praised its ‘escapist qualities’ and Patty Jerkins’ direction of the film, while some found it ‘cliché and overindulgent’. On the famous Review aggregator, ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ 59% of reviews are positive, with an average rating of 6.0/10. Even though the film struggles with sequel overload, it still offers its fans enough vibrant escapism and delivered its classic central character. 

It grossed a total of $166 Million worldwide, failing to break even due to the limited theaters during the Coronavirus pandemic. The film later became the most-watched straight-to-streaming title in 2020. Available on wonder woman torrent.

It was confirmed that two sequels of the film are in development: a sequel that is set for a traditional release with Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot returning to our screen, and a spin-off produced by Jenkin which will be focusing on the Amazons of Themsycira