With the loss of billions of rupees, the film industry will remain in crisis for two years

The film industry is suffering a lot due to the corona virus. Due to the lockdown, the shooting of films is stopped and the cinema is also not closed, new films are not being released.

In such a situation, people associated with the film industry are suffering a lot and the government is also not getting income from tax etc.

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According to the report of INS, a film maker says that making a film right now is equivalent to playing a gamble. Many film makers have stopped their work for a year.

At the same time, the makers say that for a few months now people will have to beg to come to the theater. Makers still fear that people will avoid going to crowded areas, including theaters, after the lockdown opens.

Several reports have claimed that the film industry is expected to cause a loss of $130 million due to this corona virus. If we talk about Indian currency, then the film industry could suffer 985 crore loss by May from this epidemic.