Will Sandeep and Pinky Farar to be released online?

The film industry has been greatly affected by the Corona virus lockdown. New movies are also not being released due to the closure of theaters, so there are reports that some film makers may release their films online through theater instead of releasing them in theaters.

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Regarding the news of the film’s release online, Arjun Kapoor told Pinkvilla that he has no idea about the film’s distribution. He said, ‘I am not involved in selling and buying any of my films.

He also said, ‘As an artist, if you look at its purity right now, the medium is not important. It is important to show your work to people. After all, if a film is released digitally, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

He said, ‘The cost of many films is very high and there is no basis of subscription in India. Still not many people are watching digital content. When you talk of big films like War, Uri, Tanaji or Kabir Singh, you cannot earn so much from digital.