Why did Rishi Kapoor say 3 years ago- ‘When I die … no one will come to give me shoulder’

Veteran actor of Hindi cinema Rishi Kapoor died on 30 April. It has been a week since he passed, but the process of remembering him continues. Many such old things of Rishi are now coming in people’s minds, which he said through social media.

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Three years ago, when veteran actor Vinod Khanna died, Rishi Kapoor was very angry that a new generation of actors had not attended Vinod Khanna’s funeral.

Rishi wrote one after the other by tweeting – shameful. Not a single artist of this generation attended Vinod Khanna’s last journey. That too when they have worked together. Must learn to respect. In the next tweet, Rishi wrote – Why so? Even after me … When I die, I should be ready for this.

The sage’s resentment can only be understood from the fact that he made the first tweet at 11.53 pm and the last one at 1 pm. Rishi also clarified in the next two tweets why his son was absent from Ranbir Funeral- Yes, it has already been told in social media that my wife and Ranbir are out of the country.