When Rajesh Khanna started being insecured by Ramayan’s ‘Meghnath’

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana is being broadcast again on DD National during the Corona virus lockdown.

Ramayana, which aired for the first time in 1987, was acted by many such artists, whose film is also deeply printed on the screen.

One such great artist is Vijay Arora, who played the important role of Ravana’s son Meghnath in Ramayana.

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When Vijay started his career in the seventies, Rajesh Khanna was ruling the hearts with the Hindi film industry.

It is said that Vijay’s increasing popularity after the procession of memories had insured Rajesh Khanna as well.

Vijay Arora started his career on the small screen with the 1986 series Vikram and Betal. However, he gained popularity from the 1987 Ramayana.

Vijay played the character of Indrajit(Meghnath), who’s role was not very big, but with his performance he left a deep impression in this character as well.