What Dinosaur has 500 teeth – Nigersaurus Dinosaur

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

At the end of 2019, the newest viral trend on different social media platforms is the Dinosaur that has 500 teeth. A joke that spread on Reddit and other social media sites is that what dinosaur has 500 teeth? It guide the people to search for the Dinosaur that has 500 teeth.  It makes the people more excited to know about the exact answer. Many people started discovering the answer to knowing about this Dinosaur.  

In the earlier geological era around 121-99 million years ago, The Nigersaurus who is also known as “Niger reptile” or “ Niger lizard,” was a dinosaur that lived during the earlier geological era. 

This dinosaur was reported as the dinosaur that has 500 teeth and eats only plants. The plant-eating Nigersaurs are the most unusual dinosaur and belong to the Sauropoda. Sauropoda is a group of quite huge herbivores that moved mostly on four legs.

History of Nigersaurus

This kind of dinosaur has a huge mouth that lived about 110 million years ago. First of all these kinds of fossils were found in 1965 by a French scientist. After that, they were named Nigersaurus Taquet by the paleontologist.  This kind of Dinosaur was founded in the niger area.

When we talk about the internal structures and body shape of Nigersaurus Taquet, then as reported by paleontologists, it was about 30 feet long, with a large neck and a huge mouth that consist of 500 teeth.

Nigersaurus mostly feed on plants like other short-growing plants and confers. Furthermore, this kind of dinosaur habit is mainly in the lush atmosphere, and they are described as plant-eater.

Characteristics that set it apart

Paul Sereno is a Paleontologist and he named the Nigerasurus the “Mesozoic cow” due to its long neck and huge size. As reported by the media Sereno says that the Nigersaurus is the strangest dinosaur I have ever seen.

Teeth of a Nigersaurus

One of the Nigersaurus’ most different characteristics was its large number of teeth which are more than five hundred. Using its broad, big mouth and a nose that was wider than the back of its skull. It went about gathering a target for itself. Paul Sereno specializes in dinosaurs and a paleontologist was declaring that Nigersaurus’s face looked like a “vacuum cleaner”.

According to a report, It had more than five hundred teeth in its bug snout, which were believed to be modified every 14 days. When we talk about jaw structure, it is the only well-known animal to have possessed jaws that were wider than the width of the animal’s head.

The upper jaw has around 60 columns of small needle-like teeth, which were placed in a spiral pattern. On the other hand, the lower jaw contained around 68 columns. When the whole set of columns was taken into consideration, this dinosaur contained more than five hundred unique teeth. 

Nigersaurus size

This Dinosaur belongs to the sauropod group of dinosaurs. which include some of the largest animals to have ever walked in the world. Nigersaurus was supposed to be around 30 feet long. But the general length of a Diplodocus was assumed to be about 85 feet and weighed about  25 tons on average. As a result, we may think that the Nigersaurus is a small yet effective dinosaur. The Nigersaurus had a short neck in a contrast to the other components of its family.

Facts about Nigersaurus

1- Nigersaurus is a long-necked dinosaur

The Sauropod family is differentiated by the length of their necks, which is their most unique feature. Some sauropod necks have a length of 15 meters, which is six times larger than the world’s largest giraffe neck. Nigersaurus and its nearest families are well known as the Brachiosauridae were not so good. The neck of almost all the Brachiosaurus was less than ten meters in length. 

2-  Only plants

The Nigersaurus is associated with the sauropod family. Their huge neck, four legend posture,  big size, and tail, and herbivorous diet were some of their mainly various characteristics. They are plant-eaters.

3- The finding of Nigersaurus newborns is an effective scientific breakthrough.

Paleontologist Paul Sereno found fossilized remains of an immature Nigersaurus when he was on an expedition in Niger, Africa. Although matures could get the lengths of thirty feet, and the upper jaw of the newborn Nigersaurus dinosaur was discovered to be “short enough to fit on top of a silver dollar.”

4- The ‘Niger Lizard’ is a kind of lizard that lives in Africa

The Nigersaurus is also known by the name of “Niger reptile” or “Niger lizard”. The finding of its relics in what is now the Republic of Niger was the main cause for its popularity. Read more about the dinosaur visit on wikipedia and monster-hunter