Time with Perfection: A Quickstart Guide to Watch Styles for Men

If you’re looking to get a new timepiece, where would you begin? There are already many guides on the web covering the discussion on what makes a watch superior. However, looking for a particular watch style that fits your needs while also commending your overall outfit is a grueling task. Fortunately, this quickstart guide for watch styles will help you choose the perfect timepiece.

With a wide range of styles for timepieces, an initially simple task could end becoming a challenging endeavor. There are watch styles that fit with different professions, lifestyles, and various uses. The process for deciding which ones to go for can be formidable if you have no idea of what styles of watches are in the market.

Dive Watches

A Diver’s Watch is one of the most popular choices in a timepiece. Diver’s watches are built to withstand depths that no ordinary watch can handle. It maintains its efficiency in timekeeping, especially when submerged for more than a hundred meters deep. Because of the watch’s capabilities, professionals are demanding diver’s watches in the highest quality possible.

One of the best options for a Diver’s Watch is the Panerai Submersible. The watch would sit comfortably on any wrist while it emits a compelling presence in any outfit for any occasion. The overall design of the watch screams of Panerai’s branding as all of its bells and whistle showcases to the public that it’s a genuine diver’s watch.

The watch comes with a single screw-down enclosure in terms of functionality, allowing the watch to withstand depths of up to 300 meters. The straps on the timepiece are what you commonly see on any watch; however, it can be replaced with straps that are more durable for extreme weather conditions or a more stylish look that fits any outfit.

Dress Watches

Dress Watches are particular timepieces that serve a single purpose, to give formal or business attires a more compelling presence. A dress watch can be tricky to style sometimes. A standard Dress Watch is not all that accurate in terms of timekeeping functionalities. It’s only there to impress as most of the Dress Watches don’t have any ‘second’ hands.

Our pick for the best dress watch is the Montblanc Héritage Chronométrie Ultra-Slim. The watch made its debut in 2015 at a major watch industry show called the Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie or HIFF. 

One of the biggest benefits of an ultra-thin watch is its movement. Montblanc’s timepiece has a 38 mm dial, and the size is more than enough to reveal its captivating presence in public. The watch boasts its durability as it goes through Montblanc’s 500-hour test cycle, which only proves how reliable the watch is.

Aviation Watches

To keep up with the aviation industry, there’s one style of timepiece that serves better as the technology grows with newly emerging requirements. The standard Aviation Watch has a black watch face with luminous numerals, a chronograph, a push/stop dial for the second hand, and sometimes a dual-time function.

There are many options for an Aviation Watch; however, this style’s best timepiece is made from a company called Citizen, then JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk. The timepiece has a titanium enclosure that completely redefines the industry for aviator-inspired watches—boasting its perfected accuracy for radio controls with an atomic timekeeping function.

Early variations of the Aviation Watches completely repurposed how a field watch functions. The timepiece must be perfectly accurate at all times while rendering the dials and symbols easily readable in hard-to-see conditions.

Racing Watches

The tachymeter and chronograph are Racing Watch‘s two main features. In the timepiece, the chronograph is a built-in function that has its own timer capabilities. On the other hand, the tachymeter is a function built in the watch’s bezel that shows the calculations of time and distance traveled.

One perfect example of a Racing Watch is the BRM BT-12 46 Gulf. It was inspired in the 1970s as the main sponsor for racing teams with Gulf Oil. The manufacturing of the timepiece is made from a block of titanium, as well as adding the finishing touches of putting six bolts to add to its complementary looks. Rolex has also a good line of racing watch

In A Nutshell

So there you go, a quickstart guide on men’s watch styles. The list may be overwhelming, but choosing the one that fits your style is all a matter of asking the question, ‘which style is best suited for you?’ Moreover, when and where you want to wear your timepiece is also an important matter to consider when choosing the perfect timepiece.

Always remember, don’t an individual that buys timepieces out of an impulse and regrets the purchase later on. Realizing that it was overpriced, it doesn’t fit right, the band’s material is weak, fake metal, or it doesn’t fit any outfit you have for the occasion, you would end up with a feeling called the Buyer’s Remorse.