Vivek Agnihotri: Was Sonakshi Sinha Shooting in Lockdown?

Lockdown is going on all over the country due to Coronavirus, due to which the shooting of films is also stopped.

In such a situation when director Vivek Agnihotri accused Sonakshi Sinha of shooting and sharing a photo, she got angry and demanded help from Mumbai Police to stop fake news.

The case started with a tweet by Vivek, in which he shared the clipping of the Mumbai Mirror.

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The clipping had a photo of Sonakshi Sinha and the caption had written, “Sonakshi Sinha in a classic freeze-frame, stepping out of a studio in Goregaon with this clipping Vivek asked, “Who shoots at such a time?” When Sonakshi came to know about this tweet of Vivek She was shocked.

“Sonakshi tweet and tagged Mumbai Police and asked what are the ways of stopping people who spread rumors and fake news in such difficult times? Being a reponsible citizen, following social at home, I am asking and I am not shooting”.