Virat Kohli watched Anushka Sharma’s ‘Pataal lok’

Anushka Sharma’s production house web series ‘Patal Lok’ recently released on Amazon Prime Video. From the critics to the audience it has given tremendous response. 

Meanwhile, Team India captain and Anushka’s husband Virat Kohli also watched the entire series. Virat shared a picture and told how he liked it.

Earlier Anushka Sharma was seen watching ‘Patal Lok’ and now Virat has shared a similar picture. In the picture, the laptop is opened in front of Virat and the ‘Patal Lok’ web series is paused on the screen.

Virat shaed post on Instagram account.

Virat wrote on Instagram that ‘I had watched the entire season of’ Patal Lok ‘a while back. I knew the show was awesome in terms of story, screenplay and acting. Now seeing how much people are liking this show, I just want to confirm how I saw it. I am proud of my love Anushka Sharma for producing such a great series. 

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