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Violent anti-racist demonstrations in Britain, many policemen injured

London anti-racism protests leave 27 officers hurt

The ongoing peaceful racial demonstrations in Britain have now turned violent. The British Prime Minister said that after the death of American black civilian George in police custody, the demonstrations started in Britain have now turned violent.

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Many policemen in Britain have been injured in this demonstration. Let us tell you that after the death of black civilian George in police custody in America, there has been a huge protest for 13 days. US President Donald Trump had to unload the army to stop the violent protests.

But now the heat of this performance has reached many countries of the west. Many big cities of Britain have also come in its favor.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said the pockets of violence were “simply not acceptable”.

He said: “I stand with you and share your anger and pain. George Floyd’s brutal killing must lead to immediate and lasting change in countries, cities, police services and institutions everywhere.

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