Vidya Balan gave important messages on domestic violence at I For India concert

To help people affected by the Corona virus in the country, a live fundraiser concert was organized on Facebook under the Eye for India campaign, in which all the celebrities of Bollywood contributed in their own way.

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Vidya has posted the video message on Instagram, in which she says that the world has never faced such a huge difficulty in the last 100 years.

Everyone has to stay at home to be safe from this deadly disease, everyone also knows, because what else could be a safer place than their home.

In this difficult time, we are feeling despair, fear, restlessness, but that does not mean to persecute our own. This is the time to talk to your loved ones.

To share each other’s happiness and sorrow. To shield each other. This will be a difficult time, but people will always be together.

Explain that an amount of Rs 52 crore was raised through the Eye for India concert, which will be directly given to COVID-19 Relief Fund. There is a war against the corona virus across the country. Due to the lockdown, there has been a crisis on the livelihood of many people.