User ridiculed Arjun Rampal’s girlfriend’s lips

Social media is such a place, which connects people to each other, so many times the ugly face of this platform also appears. Users comment anything on someone’s status or photos without thinking.

Gabriela posted some of her new pictures on Instagram, in which she is seen in the swimming pool. Many people have commented on these pictures. Some praised his eyebrows, some eyed him, but a female user tried to troll Dimitriadis because of his lips. This female user wrote – Sometimes your lips look weird, why.

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To this Gabriela replied – I will talk to my parents about this and try to fix it. With this response from Gabriela, the female user came on the backfoot and started calling them natural. Actually, her motive behind trolling Gabriela was that she was telling her lips to be unnatural.

Gabriela lives with him after Arjun Rampal’s divorce from his first wife Meher Jessia. Dimitriadis gave birth to Arjun’s son in July last year. Gabriella is from South Africa and is involved in the modeling profession. She has also received the title of Miss IPL Bollywood.