US President Donald Trump attacked WHO again on Corona virus issue

US President Donald Trump again attacked the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday, saying that the United Nations Health Organization is a ‘puppet’ in China’s hands.

Donald Trump claimed that more people would have died from the corona virus in the country if they had not banned travel from China, which was opposed by the health agency.

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Trump told reporters at the White House, ‘They (WHO) are a puppet in China’s hands. They are China-centric and are constantly trying to make them look good. They are puppets of China’s hands. I think he did a very sad job. The United States pays them US $ 450 million per year.

Trump, in response to a question, said that the World Health Organization was against banning travel from China by the end of January.

He said, ‘The World Health Organization was against it. They were against the ban. They said you don’t need it, it’s too much, it’s too serious and they came out wrong.