Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder Face off at Weight in on Friday

When Dante Wilder and Tyson Fury go from nose to nose for the final time of Friday’s weigh-in when possible firecrackers are feared, we have to wait for the night of the fight to see any action by them.
NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett told ESPN’s media conference on Thursday that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has banned facing two unbeaten heavyweight champions.

Wilder (42–0–1, 41 KO) defended his WBC title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday against Fury’s Lineal Crown (29–0–1, 22 KO) in a match pay-per- View was a rematch of their controversial 2018 split draw (ESPN / Fox PPV, 9pm ET).

“I think they are doing their job perfectly,” Rosh told CBS Sports in an interview on Thursday. “They know what they are doing and are very experienced so I have to respect and appreciate their decision.”
The two rivals opened the final press conference within the ring on Wednesday, pushing each other and a close scuffle, with Bennett crediting the NSAC decision.
“The press conference spoke for itself,” Bennett told ESPN as it was. “The action of two contestants pushing each other – which is not staged – is not indicative of our sport’s image as a major league sport, this type of behavior is not in the best interests of health and safety. ”
“Quite frankly, this image, where you have two professional athletes pushing each other that could cause injury to someone, is not true to the image of a major league sport and we are a major league sport . ”
Fury admitted in his interview that things were legitimately extended, saying “we were almost having a blast” as he and Wilder misunderstood each other throughout the event.

He said “He shook me and I shook him. When a man raises his hands on you, it’s an automatic tendency to defend yourself,” Fury reported. “If someone puts their hands on me, I have to protect myself.”
Prior to the talk on Wednesday, the two rivals were relatively reserved in the making of the rematch, compared to their first meeting 14 months earlier when Fury was having a hell of a go inside Wilder’s head. Fury has spent most of the training camp boldly declaring that he will avoid his defensive style to try to defeat Wilder.
Rory said in her interview that “this camp I wanted to go back to basics. Not all antics and interviews and as such, I wanted to focus on training”. “Last time I deemed him a very easy opponent and got drawn. Everyone who knows boxing knows that I beat him and I didn’t get that decision, so I took it upon myself to call and threaten the knockout artist. ”
He said “Big balls, big balls to me. Big balls like King Kong. I first came to know that Dontae Wilder’s boxing ability is very limited. He is just a trick pony. I want to tear that and kill that body Am. Like a drum. I’m ready to go to hell and back to victory. There is nothing I won’t do to achieve victory. “