Two more people found Corona Positive in Boney Kapoor’s house

Coronavirus is spreading havoc all over the country. A 23-year-old domestic help was found corona positive at the house of famous film producer Boney Kapoor. After this, two people have been found in Boney Kapoor’s house and infected with Corona virus.

According to the Bombay Times report, all the people present in the house were examined after a domestic helper was found to be corona positive, in which two more staff were found to be infected with corona.

Giving information about this Boney Kapoor said, “After the domestic assistant was found to be Corona positive, all the members of the house were examined. It found two more staff members who were found to be Corona positive. The corona test negative of the rest of the family members and staff members has arrived.

On Tuesday, Boney Kapoor shared a message related to this, in which he said, “I would like to say that our 23-year-old domestic helper Charan Sahu has been found corona positive. He was not well since Saturday, so he Sent for test and placed in isolation. “

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