Turkey and Russia to work together to make Corona virus vaccine

The whole world is currently struggling with the Corona crisis. In such a situation, there is no cure for this virus spread from Wuhan, China. All countries are busy making their own level vaccine for its prevention.

Now Turkey and Russia have united to make the virus vaccine. Turkey’s Health Minister says Turkey and Russia have agreed to cooperate in the development of the corono virus vaccine and plan to conduct joint clinical trials.

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Almost the entire world including India is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the corona virus (COVID 19) epidemic. To prevent its spread, it is necessary that we have the right information and we should be careful and aware. Hopefully the information presented here will help you in the fight against Corona virus.

Corona virus infection is continuously increasing. The number of infected people has increased to around 64.52 lakhs worldwide. So far, the corona virus has killed more than 3.82 lakh people in the world. It is also a matter of relief that so far, 30.66 lakh people have been cured from this epidemic all over the world.