Best Rating Universities (2020) in Singapore

List of Top Universities in Singapore

If you want to know about Singapore and the best university in the world and want to know about its education culture, then this article is for you.

Study in the top universities in Singapore

list of universities in singapore

Singapore, the Lion City is one of the most exquisite places when it comes to fun and frolic. People from across the world this land of fun, to spend their vacations.

But what if we tell you that the country is not only known for its vibrancy but also its education standard, you won’t believe us!

We understand that but listed among the world’s leading financial centers, Singapore is recognized as a world leader in research and innovation over the past few decades.

In 2015 the county ranked on 7th position on INSEAD Global Innovation Index. In 2014 Singapore got the third position in IMD’s World Competitiveness Rankings and got 2nd position in 2014-2015 World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

All these accolades tell us that the country not only comes first in fun and joy but also in the education standards.

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Universities in Singapore and Global Recognition

Seeing its higher education standards, students from across the globe take admission in Singapore Universities to build their career.

You would love to know that the Government of Singapore takes special care of education standards in the country and so it provides annual funding to enable graduates to start their own business.

Studying in Singapore is a good decision as students get the finest assignment help even get to learn 4 different languages of their choice including Eurasian, Indian, Malay, and Chinese.

If you still have any confusion about whether to take admission in universities in Singapore, then you should know, about two public universities of Singapore who made their place in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 where the National University of Singapore gets 25th position and Nanyang Technological University received 48th place.

That’s a good enough reason, we guess!

Now let us move ahead and learn about the best 10 universities in Singapore.

  • National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore, also known as NUS is the oldest educational institution for higher education.

The university is established with an aim to focus on the personal, professional and comprehensive development of its every student.

The university has raised its public profile due to its thorough dedication for the research and thus it has become a leading academic institution in the world.

Why choose the National University of Singapore?

  1. The university offers more than 370 degrees and bachelor’s programs including masters, doctoral degrees and graduate diplomas to name a few.
  2. Its three huge campuses, boast of students and staff from over 100 countries across the globe which makes this institute a melting pot of culture.
  3. The university offers students to work efficiently on their chosen subjects by offering rich 7 libraries.
  4. NUS has several foreign exchange program, where its students can travel to different countries and study.
  • Nanyang Technological University

The Nanyang Technological University is also known as the fastest and rising young university in the world as per the Times Higher Education.

Founded in 1981, The NTU is a highly ranked publically funded educational institution in Singapore.

Why choose Nanyang Technological University?

    • The NTU is known for conducting extensive research in 7 different academic fields including arts, science, engineering, medicine, business, social sciences, and humanities.
    • The institute was previously an Olympic village and was the biggest on-campus residence infrastructure in Singapore.
    • NTU has joined its hands with international institutes such as Imperial College London and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine to impart the best education to its bachelors and masters students.

Students in this college also get pre-employment opportunities before the completion of their course.

  • Management Development Institute of Singapore

Popularly known as MDIS, the Management Development Institute of Singapore is the oldest non-profit educational institute imparting professional courses since 1956.

Students in MDIS avail numerous interesting and well-accredited courses, management services, and seminars to enhance their professional skills.

Why choose Management Development Institute of Singapore?

  1. The institute is known for offering high education standards that reflect it’s graduate’s success.
  2. Students get a chance to enjoy its vast 7 acres campus boast of a hospitality training center, cutting-edge classrooms, laboratories for sciences and computers, along with mass communication studio, fashion studio, and many other facilities.
  3. The college has an amphitheater, fully equipped gymnasium, and a badminton court to name a few.
  4. It has a career unit namely the Career Assistance Unit that trains students with the required skills and knowledge to improve their chances of securing a job.
  • Singapore Institute of Management

If you are planning to make your career in the management field, then you should opt for the Singapore Institute of Management which is also known as SIM.

The SIM is established in 1964 and is featuring as a leading higher and professional education provider in the country.

To maintain the education standards, both external and internal Government panels review its academic offering and make more industry-relevant.

Why choose Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)?

  1. The institute is known for providing industry-specific courses.
  2. The institute also offers academic services in the following subject areas: a school of business, school of science and technology, school of arts and social sciences, school of human development and social services.
  3. Students can leverage foreign scholarship programs that make studies on foreign land for students affordable and easy.
  4. It has links with major established companies such as Accenture, CMA, and MAJ Aviation to name a few.
  • East Asia Institute of Management

The East Asia Institute of Management is listed among the newest academic institutions that impart holistic education to its students that matches with a wide range of industry-relevant programs.

Students get guidance from well-qualified professionals who have significant industry experience.

The East Asia Institute of Management believes in offering practical knowledge that revolves around the real-life challenges and issues.

Why choose East Asia Institute of Management?

  1. Students get to study in a wide range of enrichment programs that enhance their crucial life skills and critical thinking and leadership.
  2. Students also enjoy facilities such as cafes, convenience stores, ATM’s and major significant malls.
  3. Institute offers numerous facilities such as language laboratories, library, learning center, computer lab, and multi-purpose hall.
  4. There are different types of programs offered to students like certificate, diploma, bachelor, preparatory, bachelor and postgraduate.
  5. The college provides career development services to students such as CV writing skills, interview skills, work ethics, etc.
  6. Students who think that if there’s anyone to write my assignment, for them college give guidance in their assignment writing.

Following are the major and significant universities in Singapore:

  • Amity global institute in Singapore
  • James Cook University in Singapore
  • SP Jain School of Global Management Singapore
  • Raffles Design Institutes in Singapore
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore