Tonopah, Nevada Feel 6.5 Magnitude Earthquakes Friday Early Morning

U.S. According to the Geological Survey, an earthquake of 6.5 Magnitude occurred near Tonopah on Friday morning.

After this earthquake, two successive earthquake shocks were felt which is of magnitude 5.4 magnitude. According to the information so far, there is no news of any loss in this earthquake.

Tonopah is about 3 hours north of downtown Los Angeles. The Mineral County sheriff’s office has reported that the highway and the loss of State Route 360 ​​are being investigated by this earthquake.

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U.S. Capt. Of 95 field. David Boruchowitz has confirmed no casualties in the earthquake. He told a news agency that “Other than that, just a bunch of people shaken up.”

The first shock of this earthquake was felt at 4 am local time which was around 6.5.

U.S. The Geological Survey has revealed that the impact of this earthquake has been felt in the 750 mile area. Which includes the Salt Lake City, Utah, and as far southwest as San Diego areas.

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An employee of Tonopah’s gas station told the news agency that “It really shook a lot of groceries off the shelves.”