This is Ajaz Khan who is at number one in controversies

Bigg Boss fame and actor Ajaz Khan have recently been arrested by the Mumbai Police. Ijaz uploaded a video on his Facebook using foul language against the government and some prominent journalists over the Corona virus.

Last year, Ajaz was arrested by the Cyber ​​Cell of the Mumbai Police. Ajaz was accused of posting a controversial video by Tick Talk. In this video Ajaz also mocked the Mumbai Police.

Two years ago, in 2018, Ajaz Khan was arrested by the Anti Narcotics Cell of Mumbai in a crime of possessing 8 drugs of banned drugs from the Innocent Hotel.

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Last year, in 2019, a selfie by Amitabh Bachchan went viral in which he was seen posing with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ijaz commented something similar on this photo of Amitabh too.

Model Aishwarya Choubey accused Ajaz Khan of mistreating and sending obscene photos. The model also lodged an FIR against Ajaz. Ajaz was arrested by the police in this case.