This great character in Krrish 4 will return after 17 years

The fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth installment of Krrish, the most important franchise in Hrithik Roshan’s career. There are frequent news about the preparations for Krish 4, which shows that director Rakesh Roshan is busy with his writers to make the fourth installment strong.

This character is magic. Yes, the same alien whose powers had transformed the dim-witted Rohit Mehra into a smart, brilliant and powerful scientist. As reported by Mumbai Mirror, Rakesh is considering bringing back alien magic in Krrish 4.

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Anyway, Rohit Mehra’s death has been done in Krrish 3, so this would be the perfect time to call back the magic. Preparations are on to show the return of magic on a large scale. In a conversation with Mumbai Mirror, Hrithik also hinted at the return of magic.

Magic is an alien who is blue in color and has super powers. The first film of this franchise was shown in Koi Mil Gaya that Alien comes here after accidentally contacting the Earth.

The character of Koi Mil Gaya was played by Indravardhan Purohit, a dwarf artist. He has died in 2014. Costumes of magic were created by Australian artist James Colner.