This actress got panic attack due to lockdown

Actress Manvi Gagaru became very upset after seeing the news about the migrant workers amid the lockdown and started crying and getting out of control. After this her family members and friends pacified her.

She told HT about this, saying, ‘Initially, everything was fine. I was a little broke after two-three days in lockdown.

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Actress Manvi Gagaru has always been independent and lives alone in her Mumbai home. Now, her experience of being alone is useful during the spread of corona virus. Explaining this, Manvi Gagru said, ‘I started self-isolation long before the lockdown started.

All works now due to human lockdown. Explaining this, she says, ‘I don’t have the option of sitting and brooding, I get up and work. Actually now I am getting more disciplined about my workouts … Earlier I used to say that ‘I can’t go to the gym today’ but now there is no excuse, I can do workouts even at three in the night.