These five Bollywood actors became real heroes by helping people during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to Coronavirus, the economic condition of the entire country is worrying. With the epidemic facing the daily wage workers and the common man, a major employment crisis has also arisen.

Many Bollywood celebs have come forward to help in times of crisis. Film screen heroes have become real heroes for the people.

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Salman Khan– Salman Khan is also known for his help. He sent Rs 3-3 thousand in two installments to the bank accounts of 25000 workers. Apart from this, he also provided ration to some villagers.

Akshay Kumar– Akshay Kumar chose the path of PM Care Fund instead of direct help. He donated Rs 25 crore to the PM Care Fund. 45 lakh rupees given to help the artists. 2 crore to the police and Rs 3 crore to the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

Sonu Sood- During the epidemic and crisis, Sonu Sood became the Messiah for the people. He is currently working to send migrant workers from Mumbai to his home. Earlier, he also provided food to 45 thousand people daily through Shakti Annadanam campaign.

Hrithik Roshan– Hrithik Roshan also helped people a lot during the Kovid-19 outbreak. He contributed Rs 20 lakh to the aid fund. Hrithik Roshan also came forward to help professional photographs that took photographs of the stars.

Shahrukh Khan– Shahrukh Khan is one of the celebs who helped people in many ways during this epidemic. He donated 25000 PPE kits. Financial assistance to Delhi government funds and organizations.