These 5 rules related to railways, LPG, ration cards and airlines will change from June 1

The month of May is about to end. At the same time, Lackdown 4 will also expire on 31 May. With the end of May, the new month will begin and many things will change.

Where people expect that the government is going to give many relief from June 1, then from June 1, 2020, many things will change around you. Whether it is related to railways or airlines, or ration cards or your LPG cylinder, many rules are going to change from June 1.

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Many things related to your everyday life are going to change from 1 June. Many things are going to change around you. Changes are going to happen in many things from railways to air services, bus services to ration cards. First of all, let’s talk about Indian Railways. From June 1, the railway is going to start 200 passenger trains.

Petrol-diesel prices will increase in many states from June 1. In fact, the demand for petrol and diesel has come down due to the lockdown, after which many states have decided to increase VAT on the price of petrol and diesel. Increased VAT will increase oil prices.