The War of Words on Twitter Between the President of America, and a Common Man

On Monday, the only black car driver Bubba Wallace issued a statement in response to President Trump, who earlier in the day said Wallace, NASCAR’s only Black full-time driver, should apologize after a noose was found in his garage stall at a speedway in Alabama. Wallace wrote as a statement addressed to “the next generation and little ones following my footsteps,”

To respond to the tweet, Wallace addressed his young fans, saying: “You will always find the people testing you in your whole life. Seeing if they get an opportunity to knock you off your pedestal. I would like to encourage you to walk proudly on the path you have chosen and keep your head held high. Make sure you never let anybody tell you can’t do something!” Bubba Wallace then shared more advice, writing, “… always deal with the hate that’s being thrown at you with LOVE! Love over hate every day. Love should come naturally as people are TAUGHT to hate humanity.”

The Noose Incident Referred to As “Hoax”

Earlier Monday, Mr. Trump had referred to the noose incident as a “hoax” and questioned whether Wallace had ever “apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who stood by his side, came forward to his aid, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was found just another “HOAX?” After the noose was exposed, the war was postponed due to weather. Bubba’s crewmembers and fellow drivers helped push Wallace’s car during pre-race activities the next day as a sign of favor. They rallied around Wallace at the start of the race (the Geico 500), walking alongside his No. 43 car in a powerful display of solidarity against prejudice, and racism.

The FBI Findings, and Conclusion

Two weeks after, when through an FBI investigation a noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage to be an inappropriately-tied pull rope, the fire has been fueled again by none other than President Donald Trump. As Trump had tweeted on Monday morning to ask if Wallace, NASCAR’s sole Black driver in the top-level Cup Series, had ever apologized to race officials, and other drivers for what the president called a “hoax.”

Trump did claim that NASCAR’s decision to ban the Confederate flag at the races is a malicious act as he tweeted “That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER! It was something that Wallace pushed for publicly for Sunday’s Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. To put it simply, that’s a lie. Several lies, actually. And now NASCAR, Bubba Wallace, and drivers from around the world of motorsport are struggling back.

On 24th of June, the day after the race, the FBI declared that although a noose was found in Wallace’s garage, it was not illegal, and no federal crime had been committed because the noose had been hanging in the garage since 2019. Thus it could not have been purposefully aimed at Wallace unambiguously, as he was not allocated the stall until June 2020.