The Latest Movie “Khuda Haafiz”

The TamilRockers Ruined the Collection of the Movie by Leaking it On Their Online Streaming Platform

The Movie “Khuda Haafiz” Find Out How Vidyut Jammwal Unleashes His Fury And Layers It With Wrath Emotions

Khuda Haafiz is one of the latest movies that’s been released, and unfortunately was hacked by TamilRockers, and streamed on its illegal online streaming portals. 

Watch It For Your Entertainment, But Don’t Expect To Be Surprised

The movie Khuda Haafiz is said to be inspired by several true events about a man’s search for his wife. Vidyut Jammwal stars as a software engineer, Sameer, who marries Shivaleeka Oberoi’s call center employee, Nargis. Their blissful world comes crashing down during the 2007-2008 Recession and they both lose their jobs, forcing them to seek employment overseas. Faruk Kabir’s Khuda Haafiz is a modernized version of the same, and in the movie, a damsel is in distress, and our hero tears through the heavens to bring her back. Sure, it makes for one entertaining watch, but it would rarely surprise you.

The role of Eastern Music In Khuda Haafiz

The music is certainly not playing the most creative role in the movie. Establishing several shots of ‘Noman’ are always preceded by stereotypical ‘Middle Eastern music’ straight out of Alif Laila. The Ouds (a musical instrument) resound every time a bearded general appears, a mob boss smokes hookah or we see a drone shooting off any building with a dome. It’s been old, it’s been lazy and it’s seriously been done to death.

Don’t’ Take “Khuda Haafiz” Just as an Action Movie

Khuda Haafiz Real Story: Vidyut Jammwal's movie is based on true events

If you’ve seen any of the movies of Vidyut Jammwal, you must have noticed that no movie lacks action but Khuda Hafiz is far from an action entertainer. You may find the initial few scenes are reserved for Sameer and Nargis’ love story, with a few songs that ramp up the romance angle. As good as Jammwal seems in action, he looks terribly awkward in the romantic scenes and appears like a lost puppy in most of them.

Once he is there in Oman, we get a few good thrilling scenes but none with the kind of over-the-top action you’d see from such a movie. Even though the plot of the film is quite dark, the situations around Nargis’ abduction end up being somewhat funny especially when you think about the ineptitude of the government in finding her. How strange it looks, when we find Vidyut doing it all himself, and even if you find the plot a little hard to believe, you will be rooting for his win.

How The Supporting Actors Seem To Be A Pleasant Surprise

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of Annu Kapoor from the trailer, don’t expect to see him much in the film. The veteran makes some striking appearances, playing a crucial role in finding Nargis but while the plot focuses on Sameer, it completely overlooks Usman Ali Murad – the over-friendly tourist cabbie who goes out of his way (the driving) to help passengers.

Shiv Pandit also has a profound role as Faiz Abu Malik, the commando in charge of finding Nargis with Aahana Kumra as Tamina Hamid, his partner. Both the actors play their roles to perfection if you just ignore the odd-sounding Arab accents, which they have to put on for their roles.

A Stressed Hero; All the Times

Though “Khuda Haafiz” is not without flaws, it works as an action thriller as Vidyut conveys the nervousness and fear of a man who has lost someone he loves. The dolly zooms and the Snorricam do enhance the effect as well. Panic overtakes him when he gets the call, it shows in his eyes and shaking body. Even when the early shock subsides, he keeps carrying the nervousness with him.

A by-the-book thriller, the movie “Khuda Haafiz” is just entertaining enough, but diving even an inch deeper and the flaws are there for anyone to see. Finally, it’s a good movie, if you know how to ignore the flaws, and get just entertainment out of the movie.

Khuda Hafiz | Official Trailer | Vidyut Jammwal | Shivaleeka Oberoi |  Release Date 2020 - YouTube


As discussed earlier, the movie has been stolen by the worse online pirates “TamilRockers” in the same week of the release of the movie. As a professional and responsible team, we have never encouraged piracy on our official website in any way. We recommend you watch any of the latest or old movie on the legal streaming sites like HBO, Disney, Hotstar, and Netflix, etc.

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