Parineeti Chopra had been known in the Bollywood industry for her innocent and fun roles. She took a break and returned to the screen with a new spark and changed the perception about her. THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is the first step of this quest for Parineeti Chopra. But did she manage to impress the audience and change the dynamics of acting? Let’s talk about this movie and analyze whether it is worth watching or not.

Story Of “The Girl On The Train”

This is the story of an alcoholic man who got involved in the murder of an unknown girl. Mira Kapoor (Parineeti Chopra), who is living in London and married to Shekhar (Avinash Tiwary). She decided to take up the case of a man who got killed in the shooting. Mira then starts to receive threats from the culprit (Jimmy Baga)’s family. But she proved him as a killer in the court hearing and sent him out for jail. Mira finds out that she is pregnant and fast forward to six months, she is happy in the phase of motherhood. Woefully, Mira and Shekhar met with an accident and lost their child in the miscarriage.

Her doctor said to her that she won’t be able to conceive again, leaving her shattered. To tackle the grief, Mira turns towards drinking to the point of blackouts and memory loss. During her drinking spree, she attacks Shekhar and uses bad words for her boss resulting in the loss of his job. She got divorced and lost her job as well. In a complete nutshell, she starts to travel on the train from London to its neighborhood and back.

When she returns, she passes by where her previous house is situated. Afterward, she saw Nusrat John (Aditi Rao Hydari) and started observing that with each passing day. Mira saw that she is living a happy life with her husband Anand Joshi (Shamaun Ahmed).  She saw how joyous and lively her life is. Mira started to feel that she should have a life like Nusrat.

Mira Kapoor (Parineeti Chopra) First Look

One day she saw Nusrat hugging someone else compassionately, which broke her. She thought in anguish and pain that Nusrat should not cheat on her loving husband. This thought digging its deep in her mind more because her ex-husband also got involved with someone else and married that woman. Mira thought of teaching a lesson to Nusrat, to fulfill this she goes to her house but that was locked. She spotted Nusrat in a nearby forest, Mira rushed to hit her and then blacked out. Mira woke up at her house with a memory lapse and a wound on her head. 

The next day, Nusrat disappeared and the police opened an investigation. During the investigation, it was revealed that Mira charged at Nusrat and that makes Mira the main suspect. After some days, Nusrat’s body was found in the very same forest. That adds a twist to the remaining story. 

Movie “The Girl On The Train” Inspired By

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is inspired by the Hollywood film, that was adapted from Paula Hawkins’s best-selling novel. The Indian movie however has some additional characters and different storylines to some extent. Ribhu Dasgupta’s screenplay (screenplay by Viddesh Malandkar) is not that much up to mark. There is a lack of character development of supporting characters, that weakens the storyline. However, Gaurav Shukla and Abhijeet Khuman’s dialogues are well oriented. 

The direction of the movie could have been better, but he manages to hook into their seats. Despite scattered pieces in the storyline, viewers tend to watch the movie. The original movie has some complications that people find difficult to understand. Ribhu simplifies the details for the viewers. The actors performed exceptionally in this flick and gave their best. He focuses majorly on Parineeti Chopra’s character.

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The original film also revolves around supporting characters and their different dynamics. Film buffs who saw the original film would spot this flaw and struggle to find a connection between different characters. Even though Ribhu changed the ending and added twists in an attempt to make the movie more exciting. But that did not likely get that much success. 

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN starts on a fascinating note. Fast forward to 20 minutes, the makers diverts the main focus on Mira’s life. The Nusrat’s story alongside and her disappearance is interesting as well. As the film goes on, more characters come on the trajectory. That is not impactful at all too, but the 45 minutes story makes people stick to their seats. As expected, the ending should have been the climax but it was not the case and baseless. 

Parineeti Chopra rocks her role

Parineeti Chopra rocks her role as Mira and adds weightage to the impact of the movie. Her role comes as a surprise for fans because of her specific previous roles. She convinced the viewers to hook to their screens till the end. Kirti Kulhari delivers a brilliant performance as well. Aditi Rao Hydrai is joyous and it would be better if she had a bigger role than portrayed in the movie. Avinash Tiwary, Natasha Benton, and Shamun Ahmed hardly come into the frame. Vishakh Vadgama (Kunal; junior police officer), Monisha Haseen (Zehra), and Suresh Sippy (Mira’s doctor) are just fine in their performance. 

In the music aspect, music is quite good but that does not stand as much either. ‘Chhal Gaya Challa’ is the best one, ‘Matlabi Yariyan’ relates to the story well. ‘Tu Meri Rani’ is just okay, the background music adds a thrill to the movie.

Tribhuvan Babu Sadineni’s cinematography is simple but relates with the storyline well. Sunil Nigveker’s production design, Subosh Srivastava, and Sanam Ratansi’s costumes are rich, attractive, and correlate with specific characters well. Mitali Vakil’s makeup deserves praise and does her job effectively. Sangeeth Prakash Varghese’s editing is not up to mark.  

As a whole, the movie is an average flick, it impresses the audience to the extent. Parineeti Chopra’s performance and delivery of dialogues stand out in the movie. But the lack of character development and the void ending makes the movie a bit confusing for viewers.