Vikas Dubey, the Gangster Behind Killing Of 8 UP Police Cops Shot Dead In Encounter

New Delhi, July 10:

According to UP police, the gangster Vikas Dubey has been shot dead after he apparently tried to grab a weapon from the sergeant and escape from the custody of police. He was being carried by the Scorpio vehicle.

Dubey was arrested in Madhya Pradesh yesterday, and there had been reports of injuries sustained by the UP police as well.

The Incident That Caused Dubey Get A Chance To Flee

Speaking to the reporters, Mohit Agarwal, IG, Kanpur stated, “Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter when he tried to flee after the police van met a road accident.” The encounter reportedly took place at the Sachendi border in Kanpur. In the incident, two of the police constables were also injured.

Dubey was trying to flee when he was being brought back to Kanpur. As the Uttar Pradesh STF reached Kanpur, one of the vans of the convoy that was bringing back Vikas Dubey overturned. Dubey tried to take advantage of the situation but failed to do so. He was shot there instantly by the guards.

A senior official stated on Thursday, the Madhya Pradesh police handed him over to the UP counterparts in the evening. The official said, a police team from Uttar Pradesh came to Ujjain to take Dubey with them.

He was taken to their state by road according to the official.

UP Police got information about his presence there in Mahakal temple, and was arrested outside the temple in Ujjain on Thursday morning after a six-day manhunt. The search was followed by the Kanpur ambush in which eight policemen were killed by Dubey, and his fellows.