The classic dance video by Janhavi Kapoor went viral

A video of actress Janhvi Kapoor becomes increasingly viral on the Internet, actress seen on the song ‘Umrao Jaan’ performing classical dance.

Janhvi Kapoor (Janhvi Kapoor Video) is making a lot of headlines about her post to Instagram even when she’s closed at home.

Recently one of his dance videos has become ever more viral.

Janhvi Kapoor Classical Dance can be seen doing classical dance in this video. Janhvi dances in the video to the famous ‘Umrao Jaan’ and to the superhit song ‘Salaam.’

In the video, the expressions of Janhvi are winning fans hearts. Sharing the video, the actress wrote in the caption, “I miss a lot of my classroom, but a classroom can be made anywhere and any place, right?”

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