The Best Review on the Movie “Ramsingh Charlie”: An Exquisite Little Film About A Family Of Circus Stars

“Ramsingh Charlie”

In the review of “Ramsingh Charlie”, you may find out how Kumud Mishra has got the entire film to himself. All his delicate methods are matched to perfection by Divya Dutta

Cast, and Crew of the Movie Ramsingh Charlie

Director:Nitin Kakkar
Starring:Kumud Mishra, Divya Dutta.
Run time:104 mins | Recommended Certificate: PG
Language:Hindi with English subtitles | Year: 2016 | Country: India

Story Of The Ramsingh Charlie Movie

The Jango  Circus is dying’ as the reason, Masterji’s (Salima Raza) son has shut down their family business that meant a lot more to the old lady, and so the performer Ram Singh (better known as Charlie) is now left to fend for himself. Unfortunately, it’s not just unemployment that is eating him up from the inside; Charlie is a true artist and his heart is entwined with Jango Circus, and the feeling of being on the stage.

Ramsingh Charlie; A Classic Review

Ram Singh (Kumud Mishra) boasts of having earned the name ‘Charlie’ in the world of the circus for his brilliant impersonation of the late Charlie Chaplin. And yet, in the opening frame, we can see him pulling a rickshaw while sweat beads trickle down his forehead.

He looks frustrated and keeps showing magic tricks to school kids perhaps to remind himself of the life he had once led. What works magically in favor of the film is its sense of balance. There might be a sense of failure but also a spirit of fight and hope for a common man. Truly speaking it’s not too brooding nor too cinematically optimistic.

One of the Most Inspiring Scenes of the Movie

In the movie, there’s a scene in the movie Ramsingh Charlie, where the protagonist, a circus artist, finds a box of face paint. He dips his fingers in the smooth white paint and covers his face with it. It’s a significant moment in the narrative. Here the character tears up, and he doesn’t understand.

if he is deriving happiness by painting his face or is sinking himself in the hopeless sorrow of having lost his dream job as a Charlie Chaplin impersonator at the circus. Kumud Mishra, who plays the lead role has aced this marvelous scene. There are no dialogues, it’s just an actor delivering his performance with perfection. This sequence defines what the film Ramsingh Charlie has set out to achieve.

What to Choose; Your Dreams, or Duty?

This is the second independent film after Filmistaan, directed by Nitin Kakkar. Though we find most of his work for commercial movies, such as Jawaani Jaaneman and Notebook, yet he has carved a niche for himself with his indie projects. “Ramsingh Charlie” in a way sums up the filmmaker’s desire to make movies that are close to his heart. “Post Filmistaan, he wanted to explore the journey of an artist.

There’s always a battle within when you need to pick between your dreams and duty. He says, “When we started working on Ramsingh Charlie with this idea, we realized that a circus could be the apt metaphor for the world we live in and we built our story on this premise,” says Nitin.

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Typically, we can say that the movie tells us that it might be possible to take the performer out of the circus but you can never take the circus out of him? That’s one of the questions at the heart of Ram Singh Charlie, in which the wonderful Kumud Mishra gets a role deserving of his talent. Ultimately, we are right in claiming that If you want to watch a meaningful movie that will feed your soul entirely, you are recommended to watch Ram Singh Charlie.

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