Dil Bechara

Dil Bechara movie released, starring Sushant as a hero, who recently passed away

Hello friends, this article is big news for everyone out there as a very emotional movie after Sushant is no more in this world has been released. Hotstar has released Dil Bechara without any charges to be paid. Recently TamilRockers uploaded Dill Bechara full movie. All you need to do is, download the Hotstar application on your device and enjoy the movie. In this article we will be talking about the main story of the film with an ending and what are you going to see in this emotional film, so let us get started.

Story of Dil Bechara: 

In this movie, we are introduced to a girl kizie, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She has been living lonely since her childhood because, since childhood, she has been diagnosed with this disease. She has no friends, besides her parents, and a song with incomplete lyrics. She compares her life with these incomplete lyrics and listens to the song every time. She thinks she is just like this song, incomplete.

When kizie goes to college, she meets manny there, who is full of life and very optimistic. Their first meeting is not that romantic and good for Sushant fans, because kizie does not want to talk to him and goes straight to her home. Kizie goes to a program that is arranged to motivate people with cancer to fight against this disease, where she meets Manny again. Here manny is asked about his dreams in life, he says he wants to work with JP, JP is his friend who wants to be a director and has eye cancer.

Manny has also been treated for his leg cancer and lives with artificial legs and also enjoys his life. Manny asks kizie to work in his film, but she says that she has no intention of working with him in his film. Now here kizie listens to that song and also offers many to listen to this song, many replies that it will be better if he listens to honey Singh rather than this song. Now kizie says if you will listen to this whole album, then I will work with you in your film. Now many listen to the whole album and next day he says to kizie that he loves that song because of his incomplete lyrics. Manny decides to ask that singer why he does so, Kinzie guesses that he might have some kind of broken-heart, that is why he sings incomplete lyrics.

Dil Bechara Leaked By TamilRockers

Now manny asks her to work with him in his film. Kizie also agrees to work with him and they start doing a film together. Now kizie starts feeling for many, so do many. One day Manny tells her that he had found that singer with incomplete lyrics. They get the mail address of that singer and they start talking to him. He invites kizie to Paris and kizie tells this to manny. Now they want to go to Paris, but kizie’s parents do not want her to go because of her disease.

Her doctors also advise her not to go on that trip but she keeps insisting, and during all this, she gets an attack, a cancer attack. Manny keeps on calling her when she is in hospital, she does not pick his phone till she gets discharged from hospital. On the other side, Manny convinces her parents and they are now ready to give her permission to go to Paris. When her father asks Manny why he is doing this, he replies that he has also gone through all these, that is why he wants to bring kizie everything she wants.

Kizie, her mother and Manny go to Paris to meet that singer, whose name is Abhimanyu. The next day they meet him in a hotel, and during their discussion to him, kizie asks him about his incomplete song. He gets angry and talks to kizie very rudely, due to which kizie gets hurt and leaves with many. Now they decide to enjoy their trip and not to talk about anything else. They enjoy their trip and come back to India.

When they come back, they decide to restart their shooting, and during all this, Manny gives kizie the sad news that he also is having some pain in his chest and he is not feeling well. And after the checkup, he comes to know that he also has cancer, and he is also going to die in some time. Now kizie decides to complete the film for many. She starts working very hard and they complete the shooting. One day Manny calls her and asks her to come to a cinema, and when she comes, she finds him collapsed.

In this condition, she takes him to the hospital and he gets better there. when he gets out oh hospital, he asks Kizie and JP to come to a church and asks them to do his funeral. Manny now thinks that he cannot live a long life anymore. Kizie and his friend get upset and share their life experiences with many. Manny dies after 2 days, ad near his grave, she finds a letter. This letter is for kizie from manny, in which he writes. It is not upon us to get birth in this world, but it is totally upon us to spend our life in a good way. Kizie and manny get on the screen of town, that shooting they worked with each other with JP as their director. Singer Abhimanyu also completes his incomplete lyrics for them. This is where the story ends.

So friends and dear fellows there, this is the whole story which released as the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajput. This movie is breaking all records with around 9.9 out of 10 ratings. The movie has been released after Sushant Singh Rajput passed away recently. He was found dead in his room; the investigation is being done by Mumbai police. Sushant has appeared in movies like MS Dhoni, Chichore, and PK.