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Bejoy Nambiar is back with another movie TAISH

Bejoy Nambiar is back with another Bollywood movie TAISH leaked by TamilRockers the trailer looks like a promising action thriller. His previous work was up to the mark as well. It does not look like that he was a new director, he delivers his work amazingly. Let’s analyze whether TAISH succeeds in making an impact or failed? Does it bring out the thrill as it was expected from the movie?

TAISH revolves around two families leaked by Tamilrockers

TAISH revolves around two families who are in conflict with each other. Rohan Kalra (Jim Sarbh) lives in the UK and works as a general practitioner in a hospital. He lives there with Pakistani origin girl Arfa Sayed Khan (Kriti Kharbanda). Rohan decides to take off from his work to become a part of his brother’s wedding festivities on the other side of the country. Rohan wants to take Arfa but then gets hesitant that what his father would say after getting to know that he is dating a Muslim girl.

Kirti Kharbanda

She stayed behind and Rohan returns to his home, his mother tried to make his match with Simmi (Melissa Raju Thomas). Sunny Lalwani (Pulkit Samrat), Rohan’s best friend also came to join the festivities. Sunny then tells Rohan’s parents about Arfa and asks her to come to the wedding. Everything was going fine until the turn of events when everyone went to celebrate at a local bar. Over there, Rohan encounters Kuljinder Brar aka (Abhimanyu Singh). He loses his temper and Sunny takes him back. He gets confused about that what happened to Rohan suddenly.

Rohan sexually assaulted by Kulli 10 years ago.

Sunny got angry too and goes to the place where Kulli is present. He beats him voraciously, Kulli survived but lost his voice and become paralyzed. Kuli’s brother Pali Brar (Harshvardhan Rane) is dangerous gangster. He was about to get married to his lover Jahaan (Sanjeeda Sheikh), but when he gets to know the condition of Kali. Pali decides to find the one who does this to his brother. In his anguish, Pali kills Krish on the day of his wedding. The other half of the movie revolves around the turn of events.

TAISH starts on a peak point from a feud between Pali and Kali. The story lecked by TamilRockers and takes its turn to the Kalra family then and how they are preparing for the wedding celebrations. Some moments are exciting like when Rohan’s mother tried to convince him to marry the girl of her choice but he stands firm on marrying Arfa. And the moment when Rohan tells his parents about Arfa and then when he talks to his father for being harsh with Arfa.

These scenes takes lead on other movie scenes. The movie changes its direction when Sunny beats Kulli, but after that pace becomes slow. The way in which the movie moves two years ahead and how Rohan changed a lot does not count much. Some scenes like bar fight and Sunny trying to kill Pali in Jail are confusing as well. The finale should have a twist, the movie is a bit longer than it was supposed to. The exaggerated length of the movie makes the story difficult to understand for the audience.

Bejoy Nambiar delivers an impacted story

Bejoy Nambiar delivers an impacted story leaked by TamilRockers but the screenplay could not sync with the theme of the movie well. Some scenes are well thought of, but few are not even average and made no point at all. These shortcomings just exaggerate the story’s length. This thing makes the storyline weak. If we talk about dialogues, they are fine. The Punjabi dialogues by Pali and his people are more interesting to the audience. If we talk about direction, it could have been better.

There is no second opinion on the ability of Bejoy Nambiar, he uses his skills to emphasize the movie’s narrative at many points. But some scenes lack interest and are confusing, like how Pali and his family worked from the UK. They do not have any fear of being caught and even he has access to a cell phone being imprisoned. This does not look convincing when the person is imprisoned in the UK. It might make sense if the prison is in any Indian city. TamilRockers Some loopholes make the storyline weak and ineffective like Rohan breaking off with Arfa without any solid reason. Some moments might have been made better to understand if some background story is provided.

Jim Sarbh is takes the lead

The acting is superb, all the actors performed very well and gives their best. Jim Sarbh is in no doubt takes the lead among others and relates with the character very well. Mostly he played negative roles, this is the first time he got to play a decent role. Harshvardhan Rane looks awesome and delivers up to the mark performance. Fear reflects in every moment when he is on screen. Pulkit Samrat stuns everyone with his amazing performance.

He played the role of a notorious and stubborn man very well. Kriti Kharbanda looks beautiful and delivers a convincing performance. Sanjeeda Sheikh is just fine, Zoa Morani performs well. Abhimanyu Singh and Ankur Rathee are decent. Viraf Patel is okay, Melissa Raju Thomas and Saurabh Sachdeva give an impressive performance. All the other supporting actors give off their best performances as well. In this section, most actors get the interest of the audience due to their amazing performances.

TamilRockers the music section is not much impressive. ‘Jaago’, ‘Saavan Mod Muhara’ and ‘Shehnai Bajne Do’ makes a little impact. Other songs do not match with the movie’s theme well. The background score by Gaurav Godkhindi and Govind Vasantha is awesome and sync with the movie’s theme well.

The action work by Ian Van

The camera work and cinematography are well-oriented. The action work by Ian Van Temperley is fine too. The production design by Mandar D Nagaonkar is amazing, the costumes by Gopika Gulwadi make an impact too. Priyank Prem Kumar’s editing could have been better. The movie’s exaggerated length also puts a strain on the movie’s interest.

As a whole, TAISH has an interesting and unique storyline. All the actors justified with their roles and deliver excellent performance.  What makes the storyline confusing and less impactful, the exaggerated length of the movie.

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