T-shirt Challenge: Rakul Preet Also took the reverse tshirt challenge

There is also a flood of lockdown on social media amid the COVID-19 lockdown, one of which is Reverse T-shirt Challenge. After many Bollywood celebs, now the actress Rakul Preet has taken this challenge and has also shown it by completion. Rakul Preet completed the challenge and uploaded this video on Instragram. In this challenge, a person has stand on his hand and wear a t-shirt.

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In this video shared by Rakul Preet, it is seen that the actress stands first hand and take support of the wall. After that she wear a T-shirt in reverse. In this video of Rakul Preet has got more than 1.5 million views. Below This video Rakul Preet Wrote that, ‘Was just bored of wearing my tee the normal way #quarantielife #weekendchallenge So here a task for all of you to do.. it’s like a super elevated plank, amazing for your core. @anshukayoga @rhea_chakraborty @akansharanjankapoor I nominate u to take this up, #strongisthenewsexy #strongereveryday’