Sushmita Sen’s daughter is a addict of Harry Potter

Beauty queen Sushmita Sen and her daughter Alisha are on social media these days. A video of mother daughter’s question and answer is being liked. In this, Harry Potter film is being talked about.

Beautiful Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is spending time with her children during lockdown. He has shared a video of his conversation with his daughter on his social media.

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In the video, Alisha is seen answering Sushmita Sen’s question as to why she watches Harry Potter movies. Alisha is narrating a dialogue from the fourth part of the Harry Potter film.

Answering the question, Alisha says that every film has a different story and the meanings are different. The film features Caring, Love and Happy Ending. Fans are enjoying this conversation of mother and daughter about the film.

Sushmita Sen, who won the Miss Universe beauty title, has two daughters Renee and Alisha. Sushmita has been away from films for a long time. Her previous film Nirbak was released in 2015.