The Covid-19 pandemic put a halt on the cinema business

Even big budget films were released online during the last year. But some movie makers waited for cinemas to reopen. In the last months of 2020, cinemas start to open again. SURAJ PY MANGAL BHARI got released on Diwali. The trailer looks compromising and looks interested to watch. But does it manage to attract the audience or fail to do so? Let’s get into the insight.

Suraj Py Mangal Bhari conflict between a diary owner and a wedding detective.

SURAJ PY MANGAL BHARI revolves around a conflict between a diary owner and a wedding detective. The movie is set in the year of 1995, Suraj Singh Dhillon (Diljit Dosanjh) lives in Mumbai and owns Jai Mata Rani Doodh Bhandar. He resides with his father Gurnaam Dhillon (Manoj Pahwa), mother and sister. His parents are trying to find a girl for Suraj but all in vain. Suraj’s girl friend tells him to become bad because that will attract girls.

He liked this scheme and start to act cool, he intentionally breaks the traffic signal and drink alcohal. In the mean time, his parents find a girl for him. Suraj went to the girl’s house with his patents, but got rejected because they have his pictures of trying to be cool. Suraj gets frustrated and trying to find out who captured his pictures. After talking to the Pandit Ji, he find out about the person who clicked his pictures. He is Madhu Mangal Rane (Manoj Bajpayee), a wedding detective. His job is to find the hidden truth about boys and thus save the lives of girls. Suraj wants to teach him a lesson, he came to know that Mangal has a sister named Tulshi Rane (Fatima Sana Shaikh).

He decides to trap her to take revenge on Mangal. But he fell in love with her in real. He pour his heart out to her, she on the other hand is hiding many things about her life. Suraj gets to know about all the secrets and thought of using this as a revenge tool on Mangal. But this can sabotage his marriage struggle with Tulshi as well. The next part of the movie is about this twist in the movie.

Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari story by Shokhi Banerjee

This is unique and interesting to watch. It might propagate that all the storyline is revealed in the trailer but movie has much more too. The screenplay is interesting and entertaining with many twists. The humour should have been more diverse. The dialogues by Rohan Shankar are funny and sync with the movie’s theme accurately. 

If we talk about Abhishek Sharma’s direction, it is sleek and deserves an applause for the amazing work. The film is not boring even at serious situations, fun element in the character’s build-up keeps the spark in the movie till the end. The film focuses more on Marathi culture and lives of middle class families. Few sequences should have been more better like ‘Bad boy’ phase of Suraj.  Some things are hard to digest like the professor finding out that his wife is cheating, and he decides to not take any action. Another thing that lacks details like Madhu decides to break off the ceremony of his sister, looks quite exaggerated. He changed his mind in the end but that does not look solid either. But climax makes the movie worth watching for the audience.

Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari starts in a proper direction

Mangal’s turn is interesting and he is quite dedicated to his job. The film loses its pace when Suraj turns into a bad boy role and when he tries to find out who clicked his pictures. But SURAJ PE MANGAL BHARI gets its pace back with the entry of Tulshi, her character is interesting and full of twists. The reconciliation between Suraj and Tulshi happens swiftly, but interest keep spiking when Mangal keeps trying to find more about Suraj. Even though the climax of the movie is easily predictable but fun to watch.

Vijay Ganguli delivers the best choreography for songs

The music however is not much up to the mark. ‘Basanti’ is quite forgettable but the title track looks good. ‘Waareya’ and ‘Ladki Dramebaz hai’ are fine because  they are choreographed amazingly. The background music by Kingshuk Chakravarty is exceptional, ‘Bad boys’ fails to amaze the audience. The cinematography by Anushman Mahaley is fine, Vijay Ganguli delivers the best choreography for songs. Costume designs by Jia Bhagia and Mallika Chauhan sync with all the characters well.

The production design by Rajat Poddar looks realistic, the editing by Rameshwar Bhagat is fine too. All the actors performed well and justified the character’s demands amazingly. Dilijit Dosanjh is hilarious as usual, Fatima Sana Sheikh is fine too but gets confused on peak moments. Other supporting actors performs superbly and some should have got more screen time. Overall, the acting section done the job well. 

As a whole, SURAJ PY MANGAL BHARI is an entertaining and hilarious movie. The movie pitches off on in 90’s era but successfully delivers the narrative. If you are looking for a clean comedy movie, this movie is one of the best options.