Sunny Leone pretends to be a finger, husband Daniel Weber’s sweat sweats

Actress Sunny Leone plays a prank with her husband Daniel Weber, in which she is pretending that she accidentally cut her finger. Sunny Leone is entertaining fans by coming live on Instagram these days.

Where she invites guests to a chat show every afternoon. However, on Sunday, she decided to play prank with her husband Daniel Weber. Earlier in the day, Sunny revealed to fans in a video that she was going to play a prank with Daniel.

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She further stated that he would not watch this video as he locked himself in his room to write a song and kept his phone outside so that he could concentrate fully. In another video, Sunny shows fans fake blood made from paint and she pretends to accidentally bite her finger while cooking.

Daniel runs away to help them and by the time he understands the whole scene, he learns that the entire incident has been recorded. Later when Sunny asks Daniel how much he enjoyed the prank.