Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Defending DeSean Jackson’s Anti-Semitic Comments

A big story involved is that National Basketball Association’s former player, Stephen Jackson, has doubled down in his defense of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, DeSean Jackson. Even after DeSean was publically reprimanded by his own team, team owner, and team general manager for using his social media accounts to post anti-Semitic messages that DeSean attributed to Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi during 2nd world war and the main icon of the holocaust.

Now DeSean has apologized twice, Stephen Jackson endorses DeSean openly and says that DeSean was speaking the truth. On July 8, Stephen went on Instagram live and continued his hateful rhetoric toward Jews, which included him saying that he had not said one thing that was not true.

What expert opinion says about this?

When Micheal, a PTI expert, was asked for his thought on this issue, here is what he said about Stephen Jackson this new turn from anti-racism to anti-Semitism. “well my thoughts are pretty simple that this is not tolerable.

I am never in favor of when somebody is on an active roster of suspension or fine or firing, no, public ridicule. He said these statements have undermined everything that Stephen Jackson said so eloquently on behalf of black lives matter. He (Stephen Jackson) has no credibility now, he has undermined his own previous good work with this garbage (anti-Semitic statements).”

Who Stephen Jackson is and what is he upon now?   

Born on April 5, 1978, at port Arthur, Texas, the United States, 42, Stephen Jackson is a former American basketball player. Stephen played 14 seasons with National Basketball Association. He has been active now as an anti-racist nationwide after he started a campaign for black lives matter purpose after his friend George Floyd was strangulated to death by a police officer. The whole nation is on streets against the recent demonstration of racism and Stephen is one of the main figures, because G. Floyd was his friend.

What did Stephen say in his Instagram video?

Stephen Jackson shared a video on social media last day saying, “I just read the statement that the Philadelphia eagles posted regarding DeSean Jackson comments. DeSean was trying to educate himself and educate people. DeSean is speaking the truth. DeSean does not hate anybody, but he is just trying to speak the truth. If it is talking about the black race, yeah I am saying nothing about it.

Police kill us and treat us like shit, and racism is at an all-time high”. He further talked about National Football League owners that they are not talking against racism anyway. “racism is at an all-time high but ain’t none of you NFL owners speak upon that, and none of your team speaks upon that”. Stephen went on saying that saying something for their own rights does not mean we hate other races and people. We are just talking about our rights, and we want equality.

What DeSean Jackson posted, that he apologized for later?

DeSean posted on his social media accounts some quotes and attributed them to Adolf Hitler, the Main figure of World War 2. The post says that white Jews want to control the world and are looking for world domination.

Jews will extort America, as they are planning for world domination. His posts were condemned by his own team and heads of the team, as they are Jews, and DeSean apologized for his posts saying, he did not mean to hurt anybody, especially the Jewish community.

DeSean apologized for what he posted and said, but Stephen is firmly repeating his stance and is keep saying that DeSean did not say anything wrong, and everyone should raise his voice in support of anti-racism.