Sometimes this actress of ‘Ramayana’ created excitement with a bold photoshoot

Today is the birthday of actress Lalita Pawar, who is immortalized by playing the role of ‘Manthara’ in ‘Ramayana’. Lalita, who plays Villain in the films, was born on 18 April 1916. Lalita’s real name was Amba.

The actress, who always caused fear in the hearts of people by her acting, was very bold in the beginning of her career. Lalita Pawar, who played negative roles in films, was counted among the most beautiful and bold actresses of her time.

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Let me tell you that Lalitha Pawar had done a bold photoshoot in a time when it was considered a big thing for women to think like this.

She became a hit as soon as Lalita Pawar’s first film was released. At the same time, as her fees increased, she started making films along with acting. But an accident on the set had changed his entire life.

In this scene, actor Bhagwan Dada was supposed to slap Lalita. He slaps Lalita so hard that she falls to the ground and starts bleeding from her ear.

After this, the right part of Lalita Pawar’s body was paralyzed. Due to this paralysis, her right eye shrank completely and his face deteriorated.