Siya Kakkar Death Reactions: Fans shocked by the death of Siya Kakkar

Tik Tok Star Siya Kakkar Suicide Case

A shocking news has come for Tick Talk Lovers. Tick ​​talk star Siya Kakkar has committed suicide. At the age of 16, Siya has ended her life. However, the reason behind why he did so is not known yet.

But this is very shocking news for tick talk fans. People are remembering Siya on Twitter and paying homage to her. Siya’s fans are unable to believe that Siya can take her own life.

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The night before he committed suicide, Siya also spoke to her manager Arjun Sarin in connection with a song. Arjun told that while talking, Siya was fine and she did not seem upset at all, she also does not understand why Siya took this step.

Not only this, Siya shared a dance video of herself in her Instagram story a few hours before she died. In this video, she was seen dancing to Punjabi songs.

Siya had a lot of followers on social media. The number of followers on Instagram was more than one lath. At the same time, she was a big star on Tick-Talk. There, followers were more than a million. According to the news, Siya used to earn millions of rupees a month through her followers and videos.

Apart from Tick Talk, Siya was also very active on Instagram. Siya was a tick talk star, as well as her good followers on Instagram. Siya has over one lakh followers on Instagram.