Singer Kanika Kapoor Suffering From Corona, Kept Secret From Officials

Singer Kanika Kapoor’s test of coronavirus has come positive. She came from London a few days ago. Spot Boy spoke to her brother and he has confirmed that Kanika Kapoor has been found positive in a coronavirus test. She has recently come from London and visited her family in Lucknow.


Her brother said that “Yes, she went to London and after coming back she complained of a sore throat and flu. We got them tested and it came positive.” So, Singer Kanika Kapoor is infected with coronavirus and it is confirmed.


Kanika Kapoor is currently admitted to a hospital in Lucknow and treatment is undergoing. Significantly, many Bollywood actors return to India after doing shows abroad. In such a situation, they should take care of themselves responsibly. Kanika Kapoor has sung many film songs. Among them, ‘Baby doll main sone di’ is famous. Apart from this, she is also known for ‘Chittian Kalaiyan’. She has been admitted to the King George Medical University (KGMU) Hospital in Lucknow.

She was briefly in London and returned to Lucknow on 15 March. She avoided giving information about this to the authorities. Kanika also held a grand party for her friends and family in a five-star hotel on reaching Lucknow. According to the report, it was attended by many bureaucrats, politicians and eminent persons of the society. 

According to the report, Medical administrators can’t understand how to check hall building people who were attending this party.