Shilpa Shetty will celebrate Mother’s Day with daughter for the first time

Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty will celebrate Mother’s Day with her daughter for the first time.

Shilpa’s daughter Samisha was born on February 15 through serogacy.

While talking about Mother’s Day recently, Shilpa said that her son Vian has turned 8 this year, she has been celebrating Mother’s Day every day for the past 8 years.

Shilpa said about her daughter, ‘I took 15 days off before Samisha was born and these days I am spending more and more time with Sameesha. For the past few months, I just live with her. Sometimes I massage her, sometimes I feed her. ‘

Shilpa further said, ‘My son Vian had many friends who had siblings and he used to miss it a lot. He is a very social child and he used to get very depressed when there are no children in the building.