Shilpa Shetty: She was embarrassed at the kitty party due to increased weight after becoming a mother

Actress Shilpa Shetty has revealed how she felt ashamed for the increased weight after becoming a mother. When she was about to become a mother, Shilpa’s weight increased by 32 kg. Shilpa Shetty is one of the most fit mother in Bollywood but she also had to suffer body shaming.

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Shilpa said that after the birth of son Vian, women had made statements at the kitty party for the increased weight. Talking to Pinkvilla, Shilpa said that when she was about to give birth to her son, her weight had increased to 32 kg.

Shilpa says about this, ‘I had gained up to 32 kg during pregnancy. I felt that I had gained about 15 kg, but my weight had increased and I had gained two kilos after giving birth to Vian.

Explaining this, Shilpa says, ‘I remember an incident when I went out with Raj for dinner for the first time after Vian’s birth. We walked in and there was a group of women partying at the kitty party, laughing at me.