Shilpa Shetty praised housewives

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty praised housewives by sharing a social media video.

Actually, Shilpa has shared a video on Instagram.

In this video’s caption Shilpa writes, ‘Salute to all homemakers. Sometimes we forget, the stagnant water, never see how deep it is .

Shilpa writes, ‘I don’t know who this woman is but in her words there’s something touching. Everything that a homewife does during the day is a perfect example of multi-tasking.

Shilpa writes, ‘Next time, then, … Don’t ask any housewife what you are doing while you’re sitting at home. 
Be considerate, be supportive and help too, if you can. My salute to every woman, every householder, whatever you do, it is commendable. ‘