Shashank Manohar gets shock in ICC election, paves way for Graves to become chairman

There have been speculations for many days about who will sit on the chair of the new chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The electoral  has been heated and it can be seen that Coleen Graves may be the next ICC chairman.

The reason behind Graves’ claim to the post is that the current chairman Shashank Manohar believed that the money was transacted between England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket West Indies (CWI). It was about elections, his claim has been denied by the ethics officer.

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In a letter, the ICC General Counsel’s Office and Company Secretary, quoting the ICC Chairman, presented the ECB and CWI loan case to the Ethics Officer on 30 April.

They say they do not think anything related to elections in this transaction. It is written in the letter that after looking at all the facts before me, and after seeing all the paragraphs, I am certain that the rules have not been violated in any way by any party.

In my investigation, I have examined the loan taken between ECB and CWI during the election of the ICC Chairperson and I have been provided complete information in conducting my investigation.