Shahrukh Khan said in praise of Salman Khan’s song

Salman Khan has released a song about Corona virus. This song named Karona Pyaar is getting much praise on social media. The special thing is that Salman Khan has written this song himself and has sung it as well.

Shahrukh Khan met fans on Twitter on Monday, March 20. He asked the fans to ask questions through #ASKSRK. In such a situation, a user named Bhavesh asked Shahrukh about Salman’s song.

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Bhavesh wrote, ‘Salman Khan has launched a new song in his voice about the corona virus and his patriotism.

There is also a lot of discussion about Shahrukh’s upcoming film. Shah Rukh also responded to the fans regarding this. Fan asked what message would you give to your fans who are waiting for your next film? Regarding this, Shahrukh said that patience is good.