Shahrukh Khan considers Rishi Kapoor’s blessings as the reason for his success

In a career spanning over four decades, Rishi Kapoor worked with different generations. Shahrukh Khan, who is called the King of Romance in Bollywood, made his debut with the film ‘Deewana’ along with Rishi. It was Shah Rukh’s first release.

Rishi Kapoor was the hero, Divya Bharti heroine and Shah Rukh Khan second lead. Perhaps this is the reason why Rishi Kapoor always had a special place in Shahrukh’s heart.

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Deewana was released on 26 June 1992. Rishi was about to reach 40 at that time and his innings as a romantic hero in Hindi cinema was going on unabated.

Shah Rukh was about to start his career from Deewana, so he had the same things in his mind, which runs in the mind of a newcomer about a star.

Shahrukh Khan writes that even if he had failed at that time, he would not be sorry, because he would have had the satisfaction of working with Rishi Kapoor. Shah Rukh recalls that on the first day on the set he stayed till the end of my scene and after the pack up he said with his familiar smile – man you have a lot of energy.