Shabana Azmi distributed ration to one million people in lockdown

The lockdown has been in force in the country for more than a month due to the global epidemic corona virus. In such a difficult time, the business of people has collapsed. The poor and daily laborers are facing the most difficulty. However, the government is helping his family on his behalf.

Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi is also going ahead and helping the poor in this difficult time. Apart from films, Shabana Azmi, who was active in social work, tweeted that she has helped more than one million people across the country so far.

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Shabana Azmi tweeted, ‘I am proud and thankful for partnering with Action India, which helped more than a million people in 172 districts across 21 states and one union territory. We have provided raw ration, ready made food and sanitation products as relief measures. Thanks to all the contributors. ‘

In the past, Shabana Azmi was infuriated by the accused who pelted stones at doctors and police. She wrote in the tweet, “We will soon recover from the COVID-19 crisis.” The horrors are that the doctors and nurses are attacking the people whom they are trying to protect.