Self-reliant India Package 3: 5 steps for farming and farming related areas

The third part of the Self-Reliant India package covers farming and farming-related areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his last address had mentioned about better supply chain, infrastructure and reforms for farming.

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According to the Finance Minister, the third package includes infrastructure, supply chain, storage capacity, fisheries, animal husbandry. Topics like food processing are included.

According to the Finance Minister, the third package includes 11 steps for the agri sector. Out of this, 8 steps are being taken to set up better infrastructure for the region.

There are topics such as improving storage capacity, speeding up transportation, better farming techniques. There are 3 steps to improve.

Know what are the main steps:

  1. Provision of Rs 1 lakh crore for Farm Gate Infrastructure
  2. Provision of 10 thousand crores for marketing and up-gradation of Micro Food Enterprises (MFE)
  3. Provision of 20 thousand crores for fishery wealth scheme
  4. Provision of Rs. 13343 crore for vaccination of 53 crore animals of the country
  5. Provision of Rs. 15000 crore for dairy infrastructure